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Hungarian Baja: Istvan "Baba" Gál forfaits, Sarrang fell.

The Hungarian "Daddy-Hero" Gál István is the fourth after the first stage, but he must forfait because of the cardan of his car broke. "We feel bad, because we jumped a big and the cardan of the car broke, so we must forfait to continue the race" said the Hungarian. "We have taken too much on ourselves, we saw Sanyi driving in front of us and I instinctively started to chase him, and I lost control during a teaser and that’s why our cardan broke. With the help of other teams - Szalay’s and Rigler’s team - we could "build" a cardan. After this we will get our time penalty, but perhaps we will continue."

Miloslav Janacek (Mitsubishi Strakar): "We ran pretty good times during the two selective, honestly we don’t have any serious problems, the mudflap of the rear shock absorber damaged, so we have to replace them now."

Zoltán Birnbauer (Nissan Navara): "Our car caught fire at the second stage, than our axle shaft broke which cut the shock absorber so this few kilometer was a complete disaster for us. Literally, our car burned. We got through our fire extinguisher and than we immediately started to replace the cables to repair the basic functions: we repaired the power supply of the headlights and the engine. We have problems, because our car don’t start well, but whatever happens, we would like to continue the race."

László Palik (Nissan Navara): "This track isn’t muddy, but there are some big puddles and sometimes you cannot round them. Fortunately, we have no problems with the technical matters, but with an athlete. Jozef Karda started his stage 4 minutes before me, after 70km I catched him up and I had to drive behind him in his dust however I was much faster than he and he didn’t let me before him so I lost lot of time, but later I could get in front of him. We look forward to start the next stage."

László Ács (Nissan Navara): "We made a mistake which took five minutes, till that time we drove very well and we were quick. Later the oil pressure indicator signed and than we had to refuel about 4 liters of oil twice. We have no idea what happened, because at the end the indicator signed again. The guys are trying to fix it at the moment, it can happen that we will not able to continue the race."

Balázs Sarrang (Mitsubishi Pajero): "We came down on our "nose"! The road is really bumpy sometimes, and till this time I managed to drive through without falling. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice this bump, and it was a kind of feeling when you come down from the roof of a big truck to your "nose" and we almost turned over - the fore-part of the car looks a little bit strange, the things became bend. Fortunately we don’t have any serious problem, but our necks hurt. A right rear axle shaft tore, but this can be repaired as well. Our time is very good: we catched two cars and we even could get before an other one."

Prochazka Petr (Mitsubishi Pajero): "The first part of the track wasn’t pleasant for us, but we enjoyed the second part, so I hope we will close up and we will able to go with full speed."

Tamás Mészöly (Polaris Outlow): "The track is very good, I like the terrain. I like that there are lot of participants. But I don’t like the ribbon-marks along the tracks, because it means we don’t have to navigate too much which would be important on an off-road challenge."

Barnabás Frankó (Sherco EN 5.1): "This day is more exciting than yesterday, because the prologue was really short. I really like longer special stages. We don’t need too much navigation, because the track is well marked by the ribbons, but this track is a really quick one. I am absolutely satisfied with everything."

2007/08/25 | 15:55 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Hungarian Baja

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