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Hungarian Baja: Last hard stages started early on Sunday.

The last stages of the Hungarian Baja 2007 started early in the mornig, the participants had to go aout from the parc fermé at 6:40. The Slovakian Mitsubishi-Driver Jozef Sykora broke again the cardan, the Hungarian Volkwagen Touareg Driver Zoltan Rigler hadn't arrived to the service yet.

Sándor Kis (Nissan Navara): It was really hard to get up in the morning, I’ve slept only four and a half our. We won’t hurry, we will have a joyride, we must take care of the car, because this track is very hard, and it can cause damages which we cannot even notice. This is the last part of the race, so I will drive calmly. I must go now to eat something for breakfast.

László Palik (Nissan Navara): I like those race which start early in the morning, because I usually get up early, so now it is ideal for me. We drove a bit carefully compared to the previous stages, but I think we don’t have much worse times. The others are 10 minutes behind us, so our only goal is to keep our third position. I think this stage will be the most difficult, it is a really hard task even for the international athletes, because we must care about the directions continuously. We drove 340km yesterday, which is almost as long as a "desert-day", but in case of a desert stage there aren’t so many change in directions. I’m really surprised that my co-driver could speak throughout the whole day!

Balázs Sarrang (Mitsubishi Pajero): We fell a lot during the stage, that’s why I have problems with my neck. The track is very wavy, but we must go on to keep our position. The last stage is counts only for the international race, so we already have our position at the Hungarian Championship, we didn’t make any mistakes, we had a pretty good pace.

László Ács (Nissan Navara): We caught up on Balázs Szalay in 20 minutes, but I didn’t want to take risk to overtake him, because there were lot of rocks on the stage. I followed him tightly, and than our car jumped to a rock and I fell down from the road, and I felt if we have a quicker tempo we would brake ourselves. I should have overtake him, but I didn’t attack him, because that would be unwise. We don’t have any chance now. We are happy that we could performed well during the race.

László Liszi (Mitsubishi Pajero): We overtook two cars during this stage, which was really difficult, because we couldn’t go too close to the other cars, so everything must be OK for a successful overtake even the direction of the wind must be perfect etc. I really hate the holes on the track, me and my car are totally shaked by the track.

István Gál (GBaba Proto): We had a pretty good stage, but we had to overtake lot of opponents, that’s why we left 10 minutes on the track, but anyway the car worked perfectly, the guys repaired it wonderfully. The next, 170 km long stage will come, and I hope we will have a good round.

2007/08/26 | 11:38 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Hungarian Baja

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