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Hungarian Baja: Many broken racecars after the first rounds on Saturday.

A hard route in Hungary: During the first Stage many cars are broken and have to retire from the race - after less then 100 kilometres. Balázs Szalay (Opel Antara) had no other choice but forfait from the third place: "A screw fell out from our differencial, which is hanging now, the cardan slipped out, but whatever happens we will try to repair it and we hope we can continue the race" said the Hungarian in the Camp. Jaroslav Katrinak had to stop due to technical problems, and he coudn’t even reach the service park yet.

Problems also for the Austrian Challenge-Class Matador: The Gearbox of Christof Danner´s Mercedes G broke after the Prologue and they are officially out of the race. "We try to repair the Gearbox during the day to have the chance, to start for testing reasons on Sunday. The Hungarian Baja is a last test for the Austrian Team before the Desert Rally "El Chott" in Tunisia in the end of October. "Better it happens here then somewhere in the Desert" laughes Danner.

Miroslav Zapletal (Mitsubishi Strakar): We had no problem during the fist selective. I was in sweat at the beginning of the stage, but not because of the difficulties, but because I forgot to switch on the ventillator. I am satisfied with our performance, but it is only the very beginning of the race, and we will have lot of kilometers till the end of the race, so we have to race wisely, tactical, and we have to take care of the car. We know this track a bit, there was a little mud at the beginning, but we had no problems.

Sándor Kis (Nissan Navara): I tried to catch the rhytm, but I was a bit confused because of the opposite starting method of the prologue, I lost the rhytm, and it took a lot to catch it again. We managed to adjust the running gears well and it works very well now, the only problem is that I have to improve myself to be able to handle it well enough.

László Ács (Nissan Navara): I think we performed well during this stage, but on the last few kilometers our right rear axle-shaft broke, we almost couldn’t come out from the track. Anyway the track was good, I liked it, that is ’the dream track’ of our car, and by the end we will see whether it is our track as well. The only problem is that I’m already tired.

Zoltán Rigler (VW Touareg): Apart from a small mistake we had a careless first selective. We had a pretty cautious stage, so we could finish it with a clean car, I went round the mud, because I didn’t want to make the car dirty. At 1st May I got my leg broken, but today I was able to use it well. I had only one problem: I couldn’t push the break pedal with right foot, so all of our brake-distance were longer, and I started to push the clutch only after braking, and than I changed down - so it is really problematic. Anyway I am happy that I am able to use my foot and I can participate in this race.

László Palik (Nissan Navara): Very good! We are tasting it, tasting it! During this track the one cannot start wildly, because it is a very tricky track; it is not possible to sign all the teasers, holes in the roadbook. By the time we accomplished the first third of the track we found a good rhythm which we could keep; this is the maximum of our car, and I think we will keep this rhythm later as well. We will attack as much as possible, but we don’t want to take more, because I am sure that at that case we would fell into something.

András Lukács (Gbaba Proto TDI): It was really good, after yesterday we finally could start. We always start carefully, and than we see wheter it is fast enough or not, and than we decide on the tactics.

László Liszi (Mitsubishi Pajero): There was a big teaser and we arrived too quickly and than our car broke down and unfortunately we couldn’t restart it. We lost 8-10 minutes, and I’m really sad about it because the car is really quick.

Szilveszter Kéry (Bowler): This first stage was a test stage for us, because our car is really new, the only route I’ve made was a parking to the trailer. There is a new running-gear and a new shock absorber in the car, so we will have to test even more. The back of the car is not stable enough, it has difficulties with the holes and the gradients.

Gyenes Emanuel (KTM 300 EXC): I had no difficulties during the navigation, because this race is just like an enduro race, it doesn’t requires lot of navigation. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the ride, because my bike does not fit to this track, anyway I liked the track. This race is ideal for practice, because I ride a lot, and I go lot of kilometers, but unfortunately I don’t have to navigate a lot.

Jaroslav Katrinak (KTM 450 EX): I’ve just wanted to overtake a quad when a stone leaped up and it got caught into my chains. It made such a huge damage that I had to stop and I couldn’t repair it on roadside, so I had to call my team to fix it. That’s why my only goal is to ride through the track and have some practice.

László Szabó (Bombardier): I had three "delightful" experience during the first stage: the first: I lost my way, than I helped to a motobiker who was lack of petrol. Than I did a somersault and I landed in a puddle head foremost.

Josef Machácek (Yamaha Manscheek): This is my first race here in Hungary. I have positive impressions about the race, the track is very good, the environment is beautiful, the weather is OK, and we will see what will happen during the following stages.

2007/08/25 | 14:53 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Hungarian Baja

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