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Hungarian Baja: Prologue-Battle between Balazs Szalay and Sandor Kis.

The cars accomplished two prologues on Friday, it was allowed for the entrants to stop for a short service between the two rounds. It was really hot today so the entrants must concentrated on the race even more, but both of them pushed hard the accelerator pedal. The Hungarian Sándor Kis (Nissan Navara) made a really hard pace, he was short before a rollover during the stage! István Gál (Baba Proto) is only two seconds behind the Hungarian champion. The leader is the winner of the Baja Spain 2007, Miroslav Zapletal (Czech, Mitsubishi Strakar), the second is Jozef Sykora (Slovakia, Mitsubishi Pajero), but the other three in the top five are Hungarian.

Jozef Sykora (Mitsubishi Pajero): We had only a taste of the race of 2007! I know the prologue very well. We had no problems during this short stage and that’s why I am really happy, because we had some difficulties with the differencial, but today everything went well, and I am really curious that what will happen tomorrow.

Balázs Szalay (Opel Antara): We have some small problems, the petrol in our car almost boiled, we must stop during the first prologue three times, and twice in the second. We hope we will repair our car at the service, and everything will be OK tomorrow.

Sándor Kiss (Nissan Navara): We made a little mistake because we tried a new kind of adjustment of the running gears, but we have to rethink it, because our car remained a bit slow. I hope everything will be OK for tomorrow, because it was a bit dangerous today: we went on two wheels in each curve.

István Gál (GBaba Proto): It was a bit exciting, because we wanted to become faster than we were during the first prologue, but we couldn’t, but Sanyi was faster, so he got in front of us. Anyway I am really proud, because I feel we started well, and I hope that we will continue the race as well just like today.

László Palik (Nissan Navara); We started to take a note of our car, because the total distance in this race is 600km and we don’t want any difficulties, because it is only the beginning of the race! The track is excellent, and the whole prologue was really cheerful. The event is fantastic, we have very good athletes here, I’ve never seen such field like this. And I am really happy of it! The race is really long, the tracks are diversified, so I have no idea about the potential winner. My "Little Darling" is a bit powerless, but this is our last race with Her and we have to make a compomise with Her. She is a bit powerless, a bit hard, but she is ours!

László Liszi (Mitsubishi Pajero): We prepared our car well, so it is really quick now, and we put on a smaller wheel, and our acceleration is much better than before. The track was a bit sticky, I was affraid that we fall or roll over, so I drove really slowly, because these few kilometers won’t decide the whole race.

There were two entrants at the truck category, but the Hungarian team registrated at the Challenge truck category. It was a good day for Miki and his team.

Miklós Kovács (Scania P 420): It was really good and really nice, we went a little slowly, but tomorrow. We were slow probably because it is my first race and I am really excited. Soon we will know well eachother with the truck, just like a good couple, and that will be the best when I will be able to snore next to her.

Motobikers and quad drivers had only one round during the prologue. Amongst the motobikers, Jaroslav Katrinak is the leader, the second is the other Czech Dakar-participant Ivan Jakes. Ákos Varga hasn’t participated in off-road race long time ago, but it doesn’t mean anything, because he is the third now.

Emanuel Gyenes (KTM 300 exc): I liked the track, but this prologue today was too short and we have lot of track on asphalt. I hope that tomorrow I will finish in a good place, but unfortunately my bike is not enough prepared for this track.

Ákos Varga (KTM): I liked this track, it was really drifty and cranky. We will have a pretty long day tomorrow, but I hope that I will perform well. My bike is prepared well for this weekend.

Amongst the quad drivers according to the expectations Naudet Mickael is the first.

Segato Dario (Suzuki LTR 450): The track was very good. This is the best and the strongest race I’ve ever participated. We will have a very long day tomorrow, and I hope that I will perform well.

Tamás Mészöly (Polaris Outlow): It was a pretty good day, I liked the track. I am happy that there are such a lot entrants, it is more exciting if there are lot of participants.

Róbert Nyeste (Bombardier 650): I was affraid at the beginning, because it is a really quick track. I am the only Hungarian participant at the EC, I like it, I would like to show my best, and I hope I will perform well.

2007/08/25 | 14:39 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Hungarian Baja

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