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HunGarian Baja: Race in the race.

Although the “mainstream” of the HunGarian Baja is to organize the fourth round of the FIA International Cup for Bajas, there will be other lines for fights as well. The Baja Cup started at the beginning of the year in the wintry St-Petersburg, then continued in Italy and in Spain.

Besides the Baja Cup, the Hungarian Championship is going to be the most important for the inland drivers, since this will be the last race of the season for them. However not only cars but also trucks will take part in the rally, and according to last years’ experiences, a couple teams will play upon this opportunity.

The HunGarian Baja will be a championship round for the Czech and Slovakian teams too, and moreover the drivers can enter to an open international event as well. As it was already in the past couple of years, the event will be the third round of the cross-country European Championship for motorbikes and quads. As for the Hungarian motorbike riders, this race will be the fourth round in their cross-country rallying championship.

2009/08/18 | 10:49 CET | Editor: MR/HunGarian Baja/Rita Konya

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