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Hungarian Baja: Slovakian Jozef Sykora out after a broken Cardan

On the last stage Jozef Sykora’s Pajero was drown in to the service park, Márton Kristóf’s Pajero also arrived on trailer. Zapletal is still the first followed by Sándor Kis, the third is László Palik.

Miloslav Zapletal (Mitsubishi Strakar): I am really satisfied with the last selective, we drove carefully, because we have the advantage. We had a little difficulty with the rear bearing, but fortunately we could reach the service park, and we replaced it, so we could use a perfect car. We performed well both physically and mentally during the whole day. This track is really skilled and hard, but I really enjoyed it. The technical matters will decide the whole race, if everything work well we won’t have problems.

Norbert Lõrincz (Mitsubishi Revo): During the whole day we had some smaller adventures till the last stage, when we had several difficulties. The team is repairing the car because the steering gear got torn off at the 70th km, we had to change between the gears without cloutch, because the cloutch was broken down as well. If we can repair these things we will participate tomorrow.

Attila Gábor (Nissan Pathfinder): The first stage was really skilled and very pleasant, we really enjoyed it! Unfortunately something torn apart at the driving of running gear and that’s why we could use the rear driving of the car exclusively. The end of the second stage was a bit hard, we are really tired. Unfortunately we caught up on someone at the dust and we couldn’t overtake him. Altogether, the event was great, Zoli really did his best, his performance was fantastic. My congratulations to him!

Gábor Lichner (Nissan Navara): It began well, we really like this race, it was a big challenge for us to performed well here. According to the expectations we started and tested our car, because we’ve just replaced the engine. During the second stage we performed very well, but in the third stage the turbo pressure went down and we had a puncture and the axle of the turbo was broken. After all we must forfait. Anyway everything is very good, we like it, and we hope that we will perform well tomorrow!

Emanuel Gyenes (KTM 300 EXC): Everything was OK with my bike. The third stage was a bit too long, I didn’t like it, because it is really stony and I became really tired. But this last stage was really good, I enjoyed it! I have no idea about my times, but I think that I will be amongst the top 10. I think tomorrow it will be the same like today.

Ákos Varga (KTM): After the first long stage I ran out of petrol, the gasketseal damaged and the oil flew away. We have to repair it so I was late that’s why I forfaited. After it everything was OK with my bike. I like the track, very good and fast. My poor motorbike, full throttle over the whole day is a little bit hard for "him".

Norbert Németh (Yamaha Quad): This is the third time I participate in this race, so I know the track very well. I like it, I like to be here! My quad is perfect, we didn’t have any problem with it, my team is very good as well. The race was really long, I am tired, so I am happy that I could accompish it. Tomorrow there will be only one stage so it will be an easy day.

2007/08/26 | 11:38 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Hungarian Baja

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