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Hungarian Baja: What they said after Day 2 - Sunday.

Sándor Kis/Péter Czeglédi (Nissan Pick Up): It was a very exciting 170 kilometres. At around 40 kilometres we got a flat tyre, Zapetal could overtake us, then I tailed him for 20 kilometres and then managed to pass him. After this, don’t know why, my car started slipping a lot in the curves - maybe the rear tyres got worn out too much. I got really angry with this, but then I knew that patience is very important.

István Gál/Tibor Oroszlán (G Baba Proto EVO2): After the first 100 kilometres we started to hear disturbing noises in the car, so we decided to slow down a bit. Since now we had only 15 minutes for servicing, there was not much one could do to fix the car. I think our podium position is still safe, although who knows what kind of time results did others achieve.

Balázs Sarrang/Gábor Stark (Mitsubishi Pajero): It was exhausting, I thought it will never end, and we were just inhaling the dust. We were not pushing it as hard as we did yesterday. I think the start order is unchanged, no one could pass the other. In the super special section we will be more careful with the machine, it won’t be as spectacular as it was in the prologue.

Zsolt Murczin/Imre Hujber (Mitsubishi Pajero): It was very long and exhausting, but we did it. The boys fixed everything last night, so the car is perfect. We wait for this last seven kilometres, and then it’s over.

Norbert Németh (Yamaha YFZ 450): I hope that in the last short super special nothing will fundamentally change. The time differences are so big that theoretically there can be no problems. I got two flat tyres yesterday, had I not have those, my time could have been even better. I did not like today’s last 170 kilometres, I was already very tired.

Péter Kátai (KTM Superenduro 950): Now it went a bit better. I had to pay attention, since the biker on the third place went an extra 30 or 40 kilometres. So I managed to come up to the third place, which, in my opinion, is a good result with this bike. I am very satisfied, my goal was to get used of the heavy bike.

Szilvási Péter (Suzuki DRZ 400): It was a great adventure. A good race with good courses and professional organization. I really liked the two course solution that made it possible to ride separately from the cars. Since I have not ridden a bike since the Dakar, now my hand and leg is sour. I have not raced with this old Dakar bike of mine for three years, I only got it back recently. The navigation points were good and they were marked well. In the super special my goal is to survive. Next year, if there will be a cross-country rally championship for us, I will certainly enter it.

2006/08/22 I 14:32 CET I Editor: Hungarian Baja/MR

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