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Hungarian Baja: What they said after Leg 1 - Saturday.

István Gál - Tibor Oroszlán (G Baba Proto): Things went well, we are second among the Hungarians and third in the international evaluation. Tomorrow we will drive like devils, we will also solve our brake problems and try to keep this speed and position. Now at the end we had to drive 60 kilometres out of 120 without brakes. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it very much - we haven’t driven this much the entire year.

Kis Sándor - Czeglédi Péter (Nissan Pick Up): Unfortunately, the left front stub axle exploded in the last section and we became much slower and could not go straight with the two-wheel drive. Sykora wanted to overtake us and I would have left him to do so, had I seen him. Although I looked back after each U-turn to see whether he is behind me, but I just could not see him. He wanted to pass me, but then he run on a hill. Our car rally got a lot today, on the first three sections I pushed the gas pedal to the floor, the car went fantastically. I was a bit worried during the last 40 kilometres that we don’t make it, but we managed it after all. If today we managed to gain a 6-7 minutes lead, then tomorrow we will still drive hard, but won’t push our limits.

Jaroslav Katrinak (KTM 450 EXC) Slovakia: Everything went very well today, I had no technical problems at all. Only the tyres worn out quickly, I already used my third set. I like the courses very much.

Miroslav Zapletal - Jaroslav Zapletal (Mitsubishi Pajero) Czech Republic: Fortunately, I had no technical problems. The only difficulty I had was that after a not so successful prologue I had to start from the eighth position and thus the first 80 kilometres was spent with passing by the slower cars in the dust. It was not easy to overtake them. My nicest experience was when I finally managed to overtake the last one and could see the course in front of me without the dust. I rarely evaluate my performance while the race is till on; if the car is still running, everything is fine. At the end of the race, when the penalty points are deducted, I will see what I have achieved.

Alex Brusselers (Bombardier VLS 650, Quad) Netherlands: This is my first rally with a quad. Due to our inexperience we managed to collect some penalties. I even had a collision with another quad rider. I was three times in the Dakar in the service team of Hans Bekx and have a 20 years quad experience, but this is the first cross-country rally that I enter with a quad. Despite all these, out of the four sections, I managed to be the fastest in three. I am not yet very skilful with the itinerary and sometimes we refuelled too late, so I still have a lot to learn. Tomorrow these will not happen again.

Varga Imre - Pocseg Attila (Nissan Patrol): We entered the last selective section so that we do not have to give up the race, and drove quite slowly. Luck was with us, though. Szilveszter Kéri overtook us but then had to quit due to engine failure. In the point competition he was in front of us. We managed to cross the finish line after all, and tomorrow there is only seven kilometres left - we will try to complete that slowly, and then it’s over.

Béla Horváth - György Tóth (Mercedes G250 TD): Our car used 30 litres of water, it was boiling the entire time. In this last section we stopped twice to refill. It seems we are second in the diesel class. Tomorrow there is only a small section left, I think we will manage it even in this condition.

Zoltán Rigler - Péter Maurer (Volkswagen Touareg): We will put the car into the parc fermé, and will decide whether we will go on with the race tomorrow. Our engine seems to have a bearing problem.

Gábor Lichner - Gabriella Lichner (Nissan Pick Up): I think our time was the same as in the first section, maybe even better with two minutes. The field is getting smaller and fortunately we have no technical problems yet.

Mihály Ács - Ferenc Kiss (Nissan Pick Up) Challenge Cup: In the last section our servo steering died after 15 kilometres, after which I had to wrestle with the wheel the whole time. But it was awesome and I think we run a good time.

Zsolt Murczin - Imre Hujber (Mitsubishi Pajero): To be sure, we will replace the gearbox for tomorrow’s 170 kilometres.

Jiri Pribil - Jaroslav Palivec (Nissan Prybil) Czech Republic: Today started very well, the weather was nice just as my mood. The only thing bad for my mood was that in the first selective, our differential died. The machine just got worn out. The courses are excellent and I would have enjoyed them even more if there had been some rain. Every inch of the course is exciting.

2006/08/20 I 11:05 CET I Editor: Hungarian Baja/MR

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