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Hungarian Baja: What they said - after the race.

Sándor Kis/Péter Czeglédi (Nissan Pick Up): We could not imagine anything better than this, there is a lot of work invested in this result as the entire team spent 2000 kilometres testing for eight days. We worked hard for this success; it seems we get nothing for free. We are on a good path with the development of our car. In Egypt we would like to finish among the front-runners, and of course the car has to be perfect by the Dakar rally. This year we have to enter one more race, since we still need some points to make our position absolutely sure - so we will take the old car and run with that.

István Gál/Tibor Oroszlán (G Baba Proto Evo2): I enjoyed every meter of this race, what took me back a bit were the noises we heard from the back of our car. Our car jumped once at around the 100th kilometre of the 170 kilometres selective section, and a cog broke in our rear differential. After this, we had to drive somewhat more carefully, since the next big jump could have broken it entirely. We did not want to take this risk, after all we were unlucky thorough the whole year and now we wanted to end this series of bad luck. With this result being achieved, we can now get back to the level that we are used to. I am very proud that we became second in the Hungarian field, since our eight years old car could hardly match the equipment used by the Sándor Kis team. The team worked very well, Tibi’s performance was excellent and I also tried to do the job. Our car did not receive a scratch and now we will celebrate. Zoli Garamvölgyi did a sensational job and we can celebrate an excellent race.

Márton Kristóf/Péter Simon (Bowler Wildcat): We only completed seven and a half kilometres and were very careful not to have any problem with the car. At the end we made it jump for the spectators, but just for fun. The car in front of us had a five minutes lead, and we had four over the one behind us, so there was no reason to risk anything. We managed to complete the race without technical difficulties, except of one small thing: we broke one of our differentials on the last selective yesterday, but this did not set us back. The layout of the race was not the best in my opinion, since we drove 400 kilometres yesterday and only seven today.

Mihály Ács/Ferenc Kiss (Nissan Pick Up): We managed to fix the servo steering. The problem, as it turned out, was only that a screw got loose and the oil was leaking there. Everything went well today, only our odometer failed to work, but we already had enough routine to complete the course. We finished on the first place; this is our third victory this year.

Attila Gábor/István Bacsa (Nissan Pathfinder): We never took part in such a well organized competition, although this is only our sixth race because we have only entered this sport this year. On the first day, we unfortunately managed to run an extra lap in the prologue and accumulated thus a four minutes deficit. We tried to make up for this the next day, but we ended up having a flat tyre, which just increased our deficit. Today was about safety but it was still hard on the car. This was a very nice race, somewhat dusty but altogether quite enjoyable.

Imre Varga/Attila Pocseg (Nissan Patrol): Not much happened today, we drove eight kilometres on this course, which was basically that of the prologue - we drove it quite slowly. Yesterday we only had our front-wheel drive working and then the front suspension broke down, together with other parts. Maybe our results could have been better, but considering these problems we can be happy that we crossed the finish line.

Gábor Lichner/Gabriella Lichner (Nissan Pick Up): We only entered the national championship and our car remained fine. We had a great time, irrespectively of the results, and since we ended up being third in our class, the super special was simply a joy ride.

Szilveszter Kéry/Ferenc Szegedi (Land Rover Discovery): We dropped out from the fourth position in the Hungarian championship and were forced to "forfight" because yesterday at a hump we managed to damage the front running gear. Up to that moment the race was very good, and I think that this is a good result for our car. Today we just drove for fun. The next race will be in the autumn; we like the rain and also drive better in it.

Mickael Naudet (KTM 525 EXC) France: This was my first Baja race, before this I had been competing in extreme enduro. Now, however, I am planning to enter the Dakar rally, this is why I use every possibility for practicing, especially since I still have to work on my speed. I need get used mentally to the higher speed. The first section was very hard because I did not want to look at the itinerary every moment, and this turned out to be a mistake. In the second section, Katrinak was ahead of me with only few minutes and I though that I can make up the difference. As a result my tyres got totally worn out. I really enjoyed the weekend.

2006/08/22 I 14:32 CET I Editor: Hungarian Baja/MR

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