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Hungarian Baja: What they said (Bikers) afer the Baja.

László Fekete (E-ATV): "I am numb all over my body, I can’t feel anything. Covering this 400 km today by such a quad is a complete endurance tryout in itself. I tried to overtake my own requirements stated against me, but I have asked several times from myself during the race that what I was doing there and why and I still do not know the answer. I have been continuously observing my category-mates, they are racing very well, correctly and they are much more fit in condition and better prepared physically than me."

Paulino Cruz (Suzuki LTR 450): "The tracks are very good és we had no problem with the bike as well. We really enjoyed the stages, especially the second. Congratulations to the winner and to the organizers!"

Sabine Pulz: "This was a wonderful race, I am also very satisfied with the result and I not sad about it at all that I was the only lady in the race."

Zoltán Hangodi (Yamaha Raptor): "I was totally prepared for the race, both mentally and physically, and it could also be detected on my performance because I felt really good. I got pleasant tired now but it was worth it… I didn’t have an accident and I tried to bring out the best of me. I found also possibility sometimes on the long special stages to have a short rest but most of the tracks are difficult and technical so I had to concentrate always. It was exciting, I liked it!"

László Szabo (Bombardier): "The play ran high, my championship title was depending on this race. I had been concentrating on two things in the whole year: on the one hand not to throw the quad in an accident, on the other hand to gain the championship title. I achieved both of them! Though today I had to hold on myself several times not to get in fights with the international riders which can endanger my victory in the championship. This season hasn’t been tiring at all, the cross-country championship consisted only of five rounds and just four was for the quads so basically it felt like a fitness training."

István Nagy (KTM EXC 450): "Now I am over the toughest race of my life. Sometimes I had been thinking of giving up the whole thing though I am not a - type of guy. It wasn’t the race which had been hard but I hadn’t been on the top of my ability. I though I could endure but I hadn’t been on 100% physically. I had a big fall-down on the previous race, I broke my finger and it hasn’t recovered till now. I have learned the lesson: I mustn’t take part in a race in such condition."

Tamás Meszoely (Polaris Outlaw 525): "To my mind it was a great event, my result is what I deserved, my preparation had worth approx. that much. This is a lesson for the future! I liked the stages and the race very much. The only failure of the HunGarian Baja is that this is not a real cross-country race but an enduro round between bands."

Zoltán Szaller (MAN): "Altogether it was extreme tiring, we worked like a dog. It took a big fight to keep our first place. All of us took part in the battle, and we achieved our victory in the end. The truck operated without any failure, I think our quartet fulfilled our targets perfectly. It had been no secret that we wanted to win the race so we are very happy that we managed to do it!"

2009/08/24 | 16:33 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Hungarian Baja

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