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Hungarian Baja: What they said - during the scrutineering.

Sándor Kis (Nissan Navara): The team has made a fantastic job! We were very excited because of the technical scrutineering, it was an international committee who dealed with the cars. I’m very tired now, I was working during the whole week, but I have still 24 hours to relax so now I’m going to the wellness"

László Ács (Nissan Navara): We arrived in time here so everything is alright with the team! All the cars are beautiful but I can imagine how they will look like tomorrow! I think we are ready enough technically, and I hope the physical staying power will be enough too because it will be very hot in the weekend! I really like this track and it’s very sympathetic that so many international driver came to this event with many new cars! I don’t want to prophesy anything before the race. Today we relax a little with the team, we are going to play volleyball and maybe sailing in the evening!

István Gál (GBaba Proto): The temperature doesn’t disturb us if the car runs good... we watched through once the roadbook and I think we will have difficult three days, the technique will have to sustain a lot! Those who will fulfil without any fault will collect a lot of points here! I only would like to compete a good race and give as less work to the mechanics as I can! I would be content with a good place in the end because the others are very strong now, the first ten cars can do anything...

Balázs Szalay (Opel Antara): In the car we made some changing but I don’t want to tell it in advance… I hope after the race we can tell it! This temperature resembles to the Dakar’s degrees, although the air is very dry there but it is easier to tolerate it than this steamy air by Balaton. I hope it won’t set us back and we can finish in a good place!

Miklós Kovács (Scania): We are very excited, we did a lot of work to start in this race! The truck has been building since January and soon will be ready. I really can not imagine what will happen in the race! Our aim to finish it, to get use to each other, the truck and the field!

Tamás Sípos (co-pilot, Scania): We have been friends long time ago with Miklós, we traveled to Dakar in 2005 and spoke about starting with a truck once. Miki built a new Scania to the next Dakar and asked if I have fun to join him! And I have! This event will be a training for us, I have to learn reading the roadbook well.

Károly Fazekas (Toyota Rav4, Challenge Cup): The car has been prepared not so good because we wanted to come with an other one. We could work with this car only in the last 3 days, mainly with the cleaning of it, I hope it is ready. Physically I’m ok because I was on holiday last week. Only this allergy is bed for me, but is the race starts I will forget it. The aim is always winning the race!

Zoltán Birnbauer (Nissan Pickup, Challenge Cup): Day after day we are even better! Only this precipitation before every race: half an hour before the scrutineering we finished to built in the . I’m glad to be here in the international field and see such a lot excellent cars! We will do anything we can, we really would like to go fast and efficient! We have our limits but will try to tower above them!

Jaroslav Katrinak (KTM 450 ECX): I feel good physically! We are in the middle of the season, I was competing a long so a lot of kilometers I have now and I could rest a bit too. I had an opportunity to swim in the Balaton… My bike seems like ready and good, and it is important because HunGarian Baja is a difficult race! I’m here for the third time, I know the track and I’m waiting for the whole race!

Ivan Jakes (KTM 450): The bike has been well prepared and I hope that I will be ok too. I don’t know the track at all, I never started in this race so I will see what will happen!

2007/08/24 | 13:49 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Hungarian Baja

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