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Hungarian Championship: The new GBaba Proto aced the test.

The new GBaba Proto aced the test in first run of the Hungarian Championship some days ago. The "yellow miracle" - which was sliding quite well on the track due to the awful weather conditions - was driven to the finish as 2nd, by András Lukács. If the first track hadn't been liked so much by competitors, then the Second was simply hated - it was snowing all day. Three even gave up, so the competition had just 6 of them in the finish, who had no bigger problems. Laci Ács and Robi Bagics could take over the cup quite satisfied, since they made it through sections where several others gave up.

At the second special Balázs Csasztvan skid across the track with the Pajero, holding back the ones coming after him. Of course they were trying to by-pass him, however on the side of the road race cars had to fly over huge bumps. One of them caused sanyi Kis to bump into a tree and crash the front of the car. It was only after half an hour that he could go on, but couldn't finish the last special, he rolled in to the finish. Gombi wasn't so lucky. First he ended up at the service park due to troubles with the gear shift, then the main axle broke and then had to give it up. The steering wheel broke in balázs Csasztvan's car, later, and since he was another forfaiter of the previous day, he couldn't complete today's distance. Laci Liszi could only drive at a slower pace with the mud-tyre, and due to the overland-gear failure he had to faorfait as well. Zsolt Murczin had to give up at the very last stage, too, because the tiller broke and they couldn't get out of the rapid.

Marci Kristóf, however, drove the Bowler to the finish with a quite balanced achievement. Though he got seriously stuck at one point, only the others held the sack, they couldn't bypass him. One of the unlucky ones due to this was Miklós Benyó, he spent several minutes digging, but at the end he forfaited, too, since his back power broke, and he ended up having to be towed to the finish.

The Kéry-Szegei duo were great on the track, they were moving towards the front in the totals, while the rest of the contestants in front of them were dropping out of competition. Zoli Szabó was only struggling with the lack of back-gear at the beginning, however he was left with just one gear by the very end, so he joined the forfaiters, too. Balázs Sarrang was extremely happy at the end of the run, he made it up on such a slope that the others just bypassed. Despite the fact that they had no problem with the car at all, not to mention that they were moving relatively good, they finished as last.

Luckily, participants of the Challenge Cup had to complete just one special, a stage they hadn't been to the previous day. The first in the finish was Misi Ács, the runner-up is Olivér Sólyom, while Attila Gábor took the third position. In overall Ács/Bagics won the event with 03:13:47 hrs before Lukács/Ferke (03:17:00) and Kristóf/Simon (03:31:46). "The weather made the competition simply awful, it is not field rally that we carried out" said winner Ács. "When it's all snowy, icy and muddy, not to mention it was even raining, then it is just not for me. Despite this things were going well, we even speeded up, especially at the last stages. At that point we knew that we and Lukács's duo were pretty close to one another, so we had a serious run to make it to the finish as first."

And second Andris Lukács added: "It was a great competition, since life is beautiful in a Proto! We are just sampling the car,yet, I only used 5% of its capacity, because I feared for it a lot. I've sat in several race cars, but nothing like this one, where the rear tyres wheels are as close and front ones are so much further! It needs a totally different driving technique, but I'm getting used to it gradually and it will be even more fun! This car is a kind of magic!"

Results of the event:

01) Ács/Bagics | 03:13:47
02) Lukács/Ferke | 03:17:00
03) Kristóf/Simon | 03:31:46
04) Kéry/Szegedi | 03:57:50
05) Kis/Czeglédi | 04:10:19
06) Benyó/Lichner | 05:18:57
07) Szabó/Hujber | 05:22:17
08) Liszi/Bunkoczi | 08:04:40
09) Gál/Oroszlán | 08:51:42
10) Sarrang/Stark | 08:59:52

2006/03/21 I 22:01 CET I Editor:

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