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Internext CCR: Mirek Zapletal triumphed in Vsetín.

The crew Mirek Zapletal – Petr Zábranský won at home at the 5. Internext CCR Vsetín and Mirek defended his first place of last year on the tracks of the area of Vsetín. This way he confirmed his leading position in the series of the open championship of the Czech Republic and thanks to his advantage before the other members of the team his title of the Czech Champion is practically ensured.

A week before the race Mirek Zapletal remembered the old times spent behind the steering wheel of the small Suzuki Jimny, when he started with Dušan Randášek on the difficult 24-hour race in France. Petr Procházka also started there and both arrived at the finish. After some technical problems with the clutch and its replacement Petr Procházka arrived at the 26th place. Mirek Zapletal finished at the great 12th place, which after some smaller technical problems from 107 cars at the start is more than good. The victory in the category of offroad vehicles is an evidence of it as well.

Beside the three orange vehicles of our team the Czech racing field was complete. Balázs Szalay on his Opel Antara also participated on the race and eight quads as well, mostly with Hungarian riders under the flag of GarZone SE.

After Friday´s scrutineering the race started on Saturday. Mirek Zapletal won the first selective section seventeen seconds before the second Jarek Pešl and the entire race had practically a similar screenplay.

Mirek improved his positron selective section after selective section. In the morning it was a little damp and the other cars of our team raced well as well. Pořízek with Ulehla kept the third place behind Pešl, who raced with his historic Range Rover and Petr Procházka with Vláďa Nemajer kept the fifth place. In the programme there were 11 short but nice selective sections which had to be raced three times. Some in the opposite direction.

After an hour´s service in the middle of the day the famous selective section Lidečko was raced. This became fatal for Zdenek Porizek, who left the track in the least favourable position and fell in an eight-meter deep ditch. Fortunately nothing happened to the crew but it was impossible to pull the car out within the time limit and thus it was the end of the race for them.

Jarek Pešl and Viktor Chytka made use of the home environment, they finished on the second and third places behind Mirek Zapletal. Petr Procházka in the afternoon drove a great time but he couldn’t get back the time he was behind.

The fourth place is great as well and Petr added some points to his second place in the Czech Championships. The race was great from the point of view of organisation, the tracks were nice, the only thing is that it was more a kind of cross country rallye sprint, but this has been given for a long time and the racing drivers take it the way it is.

At the end of this week the team will participate in the last race of the Hunagarian Championsip and a week after it two crews will set out for the Baja Anta da Serra in Portugal, where the final part of the Baja Cup will take place. Mirek Zapletal is going to fight for the Baja Cup title and this chance is not only theoretical. In the gallery you can find many new pictures from Vsetín.

2007/10/10 | 12:15 CET | Editor: MR/ Konya

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