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Italian Baja: Foreseen, forced and forged.

The final day of the Italian Baja started (and concluded as well) with a curiosity, though it didn't spoil the mood which reigned in the team today. Everything started with receiving the starting list for Day 3 in the media centre of the race. So, we got it. Read: 7:30, first starts... Tonnie van Deijne. Stop, why Tonnie? But it was Boris Gadasin actually who led after the yesterday's stages! And Tonnie himself was not even 2nd but 3rd. Ok, read further... At 7:30 (yes, exactly the same time!) starts Gadasin, and at 7:32... also Gadasin! And only does 4th starts Miroslav Zapletal... Having quickly sorted out the problem in the HQ (it was just a print mistake), it was treated in the team with humour: "The organisers must have probably decided to make the fight tighter so that Boris would start together with Tonnie, than return to the line and restart in minutes after in pair with Miroslav"...

After figuring out the start order, participants set off in the route's direction. The competitive day went for our crew without any troubles - just a comfortable and reliable performance. Having more than 3 minutes of advantage, there was no sense in attacking, especially as there were deep ruts in corners. In water, however, the ground was firmer, and the crew could afford showing off in front of spectators, raising big fountains while tackling watersplashes. Boris was no less spectacular on jumps as well. There were big crests at the beginning and the end of the route, but Boris treated them differently. On some he could accelerate and jump high and far, making the crowd open mouthes wide in fascinated exclamations, and on others, in contrast - slow down to beep a horn and greet the fans, who replied to him with words "Bravissimo!"

After the penultimate stage the G-Force Motorsport crew's advantage grew up to four minutes, and they decided to ease off a bit and take care of the car instead of challenging for best time on the last stage. However, even winning that stage didn't help Tonnie van Deijne improve his overall position: Miroslav Zapletalwas just 30 seconds slower on the SS and kept his 2nd place in the general classification, which brought him best result of the season so far. This trio of prize winners was later present at the podium ceremony and the prize-giving held, just like the official start, in the central square of San Vito.

Decorated with colourful flags of countries-participants, the small but cosy square looked really picturesque with a before-dusk blue sky and the soft evening sun. Among numerous amount of people, coming up to congratulate our crew, there even were some russian-speaking ones. It turned out that there were people who had been coming to this race from different ends of Italy for three years to specially support Boris Gadasin and his team! And on the podium go... Third place - Tonnie van Deijne/Woutern Rosegaar (Holland). Second place - Miroslav Zapletal/Tomas Ourednicek (Czech Republic). And the winners are... Boris Gadasin/Vladimir Demyanenko (Russia)!

And just imagine: three crews standing on the podium, holding their caps in hands and with trophy Cups in front of them. And at that moment the national anthem of Russia started playing in honor of the winners... The melody seemed familiar, but the words "Lenin's party, the power of nation will lead us to communism reign" first made the russians, present at the square, smile, and then, when the czechs also got the point, the funny joke was spread among all the spectators making them shine with smiles. Those smiles were warm and kind however, because regardless of words the solemn music evoked in peoples' hearts respect to the heroes of the race, while in ours - the proud for the crew and the team. And of course for our country... At that moment one could hear enthusiastic "Bravissimo, Russia!, Bravo, G-Force, bravo, Gadasin!" from all the corners of the square...

More information on the team at

2009/03/25 | 22:31 CET | Editor: MR/G-Force Motorsport/Rita Konya

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