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Italian Baja: Russian Boris Gadasin quickly heads off.

The Italian Baja started yesterday at the Dream Village in viale del Benessere in great style, with a big parade of all the vehicles involved in the race. In the afternoon, the first to leave were the motorbikes (25), followed by quads (44) and cars (72). The competitors did the prologue "Barbeano" (10,33 km) without forcing the Tagliamento riverbed and then the Cosa river, in order to test the their vehicles for today’s and tomorrow’s long legs.

At the briefing with the pilots (2pm), Mauro Tavella, the organiser of the race, announced the cancellation of Selective Section "Monte Jouf". A very harsh decision he explains, "we had obtained all the necessary authorizations, that is permission from the Comunità Montana, the Province, the Prefecture and the Questura (police headquarters).

But an office of the region see these documents as void. An evident conflict of jurisdiction. But for all 183 competitors ready to start, I believe it is necessary to safeguard the serious image of our sport because the world of off-road consists of serious people who constantly observe rules and do not invade prohibited areas, even if they are not sure whether they truly are forbidden.

The motorbikes determined the pace and were the first vehicles have to deal with the fords on the Tagliamento. The level of water made it difficult to pass and one or two were in a little bit of a crisis. The fastest was Luca Manca (Tm), first with time 9’09’’3, in front of Nicola Dutto (Suzuki) with a 8’4 gap and Matteo Graziani (Ktm) in 25’’2. For the quads, it has been decided to suspend the race and wait to see where the best point to cross will be tomorrow morning.

The Russian Boris Gadasin (Nissan Navara), last year’s winner and left with the n.1, respected the prediction as being the favourite, stopping the stop clock in 8’51’’. Second was the Russian Leonid Novitskiy (Nissan Pathfinder R5), with a 41’’4 gap. Third the Hungarian Fasekas Karoly (Bmw X5) with a 42’’7 gap. Worth pointing out that Al-Attiyah (Bmw X3CC), winner in February in Saudi Arabia, arrived 5’09’’3 from Gadasin his rival.

The excellent Angelo Montico (Fornasari RR 450), came sixth overall and was first amongst the Italians, with a delay of 1’14’’5 from the leader. All this to say that Marc Roura Blazquez from Spain, with the same car, complained of problems and closed with a 15’20’’1 gap.

In general the pilots have decided not to run very fast, so as not to take too many risks in a Super Special Stage that has given the first ranking order, but given its short distance it cannot really count as the overall ranking order, which can only be found out at the end of the race. Few problems however for the cars crossing the fords.

PROGRAMME. Today there is the first leg starting as always from the Dream Village at 7.00. The cars will do three legs on the Selective Section "Tagliamento" (starting times 7.40, 11.45 and 15.50), whilst motorbikes and quads will do two (startingtimes at 10.10 and 14.15). Tomorrow there is the grand final with arrival in the afternoon in Piazza della Vittoria in Cordenons.

2008/03/15 | 20:21 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Italian Baja

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