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Jeep High Altitude Worldrecord: An important day off for everyone.

After his first High Altitude Worldrecord in 2005 the German off road specialist Matthias Jeschke is climbing the Ojos del Salado in Chile again - with a Jeep Wrangler and Goodyear Tires. In 2005 he and his team were fighting with a Toyota Land Cruiser - against a Volkswagen-team with a special-preepared Touareg SUV. After Jeschkes first trial the Volkswagen made the Worldrecord - but Jeschke came back two weeks later and reclaimed the title. is travelling with the Worldrecord-Team - and Matthias Jeschke is reporting daily.

March 12th, 2007

The team is exhausted. For days we have spent very much time in high altitude. It was windy all the time, and there was sand everywhere which flew into your ears and into any little gap. Climbing was only possible by a supreme effort to the point of exhaustion. Working in the burning sun (which tans the face although it is ice-cold was) also really challenging. Thus, you can see it was time for one day off.

Everyone spent the day differently. Most of us were sleeping or reading. The afternoon became busier. They were shooting, arranging materials for tomorrow, tanking up the vehicles, preparing the clothes for the day in the glacier and having a medical care once again. Our special transport with fuel arrived in the evening on time as well.

However, I am worrying about two things: 1. The glacier field. While walking on the field yesterday, I realized big rifts on the surface, rifts which cannot be crossed over just like that, because the cars would break in. I racked my brain for hours: What can be done and what is possible concerning the track? Finally I decided to take a pole construction which we are able to build together when required.

2. The weather. Since two days we notice that the clouds above the Ojos are gathering sooner and sooner. In the beginning, the clouds covered the volcano from 5 pm onwards and now the scenario already starts at 10 am. The result for us is an icy cold around - 20 degrees Celsius, beginning already in the morning. Additionally, the Ojos was mostly snow-covered.

I hope and pray that there will not be any snow storm which makes it impossible to go further. Tomorrow morning at about 6 am, we will start and try to get the first car through the glacier. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

2007/03/14 | 13:55 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Matthias Jeschke

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