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JMB Stradale Off Road buys out Mitsubishi Motorsport

The Eligroup company which is represented by Nicolas Misslin has bought out MMSP SAS, the cross country sport entity of the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), based in Boz, France. The company will be renamed "Stradale Off Road SAS". After more than 27 years of cross county rally experience, with 12 victories on the mythical Dakar Rally, Stradale Off Road appropriates the rich technical know-how of the MMSP company and will maintain a head count of 30 of the original staff members.

Stradale Off Road is a simplified action company with a capital of 310 000 Euros. The Marseille native, Nicolas Misslin, a 27 year old father of two children, will be the unique shareholder. It's not out of the blue that the company was bought by such a passioned and enthusiastic actor of the automobile industry:

"I really love auto racing and I'm the owner of an official Ferrari-Maserati dealership in Aix en Provence for the PACA region. In the past years I participated in endurance and cross country events and I couldn't help myself from running again. In March 2009, after having circuit raced with JMB Racing, I decided to buy into the circuit racing company and the name was changed to "JMB Stradale Racing", explains the new President & CEO of Stradale Off Road.

"For a long time I tried to buy a Mitsubishi Pajero factory car from MMSP SAS. When I found out at the beginning of the year that their racing vehicles were up for sale, I took a closer look at the situation. We closed the first deal regarding the racing cars in April and after much reflection and negotiations, I bought the full MMSP entity end of September.

The Stradale Off Road interest, motivation, and activities will remain oriented towards the cross country competition in order to take advantage of the legendary skills of the MMSP employees. In the future, as anything is possible, a new partnership with an automobile manufacturer could be studied if an interest is shown to enter high level cross country competition. Meanwhile; we will take care of our clients by giving them factory team quality service."

The Stradale Off Road company will use the name JMB Stradale Off Road for all of their sales and marketing activities and will propose customer service including the race assistance for all crews wishing to enter the cross country events at the wheel of the Stradale and ex Mitsubishi Motors Corporation's prototypes.

2009/11/25 | 16:49 CET | Editor: MR/HS/JMB

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