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Khazar Steppes: Rusland Misikov and S. Talantsev win in Russia.

Third round of the Russian Cross-Country Championship "Khazar Steppes 2009" concluded with a dominant victory of Ruslan Misikov and Sergey Talantsev, who had distributed their strength rigth throughout the difficult and unpredictable Astrakhan's race. "We we driving cautiously, sometimes I slowed down a bit to spend some precious moments so that my co-driver could find the right direction in difficult places" Misikov told after the last Stage. "In the end it were our competitors who lost much time after getting lost, while we were driving in our rhythm".

G-Force Motorsport crew of Alexey Denisov and Dmitriy Kozhukhov not only fulfilled the task-minimum, having completed the whole distance on a practically rear-wheel drive car, but also scored some important point for finishing 5th in the T2 category.

It came as a reward for persistence, for the crew didn't give up despite technical difficulties and didn't go the "easy way" following the decision of the organiser to replace the fine for missing a CP on the final day from exclusion to a 2-hour time penalty. Theoretically it gave a possibility for Alexey and Dmitriy to drive directly to the finish, however they decided to tackle the whole route and not in vain, for the gained the most valuable thing - experience.

Overall Results Khazar Steppes 2010

01) Misikov/Talatsev I Nissan Navara I 08:22:46
02) Korolev/Solovyov I Chevrolet Buggy I 08:36:09
03) Novitskiy/Evtehov I Mitsubishi Pajero I 08:51:34
04) Loginov/Rusova I Nissan Navara I 09:02:47
05) Zhiltsov/Meshcheryakov I Mitsubishi Pajero I 09:07:07
06) Savenko/Shuhnov I Honda Acura RR I 09:25:37
07) Frolov/Schanov I Mitsubishi Pajero I 09:25:44
08) Volik/Volik I Toyota Land Cruiser I 09:48:03
09) Bataev/Anishchenko I UAZ I 10:02:22
10) Vavrenyuk/Kostenko I UAZ I 10:11:21

2009/08/10 | 10:13 CET | Editor: MR/ [ G-FORCE ] /Igor Chervonny

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