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Latvian Baja: Competitors’ entries for the Latvian Baja 2007 opened.

This summer from the 29th of June to the 1st of July in Madona and its surroundings for the 4th time there will be the international cross-country rally raid "Latvian Baja". The participating competitors are becoming more and more every year, last year there were competitors from 8 countries. There the total lengths of distance, speed limit as well as the level of organisation have increased with every year. Therefore this year rally raid "Latvian Baja" from the organisers’ side as well as the length of distance will comply with the requirements of FIA and standards of baja type determined competitions.

In 2004 debut in "Latvian Baja" the total length of distance was 545,88 km from which the length of special speed was 284,11 km. This year the drivers will have to manage more difficult test - the total length 905,02 km and more than half of the length - 520,48 km will be specialised speed and the competitors will have to manage it in race speed. The competition route traditionally will obtain many territories of East Latvia - Madonas, Aizkraukles and Balvu regions.

When the Latvians had the first "Latvian Baja" competition there were only 2 drivers from foreign countries, totally 20 cars and motorcycles but last year there were already 34 technical units. It’s worth mentioning that so far the main prize of "Latvian Baja" absolute estimation has stayed in Latvia.

Although in 2006 there were many remarkable drivers, such as twice champions of Russia - Alexey Berkut and Anton Nikolaev, as well as Czech crew - Miroslav Zapletal and Miloslav Janachek who have showed great successes in European Cups. The first winner in the history of "Latvian Baja" in 2004 was the creator of the worldknown rally raid prototype OSCar and twice vicechampion of Europe autocross - Andris Dambis with his co-pilot Ainars Princis (OSCar). But in next two years the winners were the champions of rally raid of Latvia for several times - Janis Naglis with his co-pilot Aleksandr Innus in 2005, but in 2006 with Agris Petersons (both times Mitsubishi Pajero).

In motorcycle competitions the first winner was Janis Vinters - the Latvian hero of Dakara rally but in the next following years Czech - Dushan Randushek and German Jerrit Geyer. In quads competitions "Latvian Baja" there were only the participants from foreign countries and last 3 years the best participants were Germans - Thomas Schreiber, Martin Breuer and Mathias Geist.

It is already known that the most active drivers of Latvia will take part in "Latvian Baja 2007" because during this international rally raid the drivers will also get classification points of Latvian rally raid Championship’s 3rd round.

As well as there will be the most famous and leading drivers from Byelorussia and Lithuania. Now the organisers of international Latvian rally raid are discussing with the representatives of these countries for possibility to organise competitions "Baltic Baja Cup" which will include "Latvian Baja", "Belarus Baja" in Byelorussia (10 - 12 August) and the round in Lithuania.

The Organizers also hope that rally raid drivers will arrive to "Latvian Baja" from Czech Republic and Germany who have been there for many times as well as the participants from Italy and Russia. The organisers work really hard to draw in new participants.

The newest thing that is connected with the organising part of "Latvian Baja" is to carry out an experiment for the first time to use global positional system race control. That will help the organisers as well as safety services to provide uninterrupted following after any technical unit during the race. With the help of race control it will be easier to fix the trespasses in the places of speed limit, but the most important thing is - this system will help to control the situation in case of safety, for example, to react immediately to possible accidents in the distance. This project has been developed together with one of the most leading company in map design and publishing company "Jana seta".

The reception of competitors’ entries has started on the 15th of February. This year the organisers have renewed the official rally raid web page where you can already find the most important information for competitors. There are the regulations of race, supplements, entry forms as well as route maps and more attractive symbolic.

The organizer of international rally raid "Latvian Baja 2007" is association in co-operation with the main supporters as "Teng Tools", "Hansa Flex Hidraulika", "Auto Stils", "Marathon", studio "Grafs", Madonas Town and Madonas District Council. The information about rally raid "Latvian Baja" initially is provided by "AZ Communications".

For more informations and Entry Forms visit the official website at [ ].

2007/03/29 | 12:33 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Ainars Zarins

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