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Latvian Baja: Eastern European Baja postponed to July.

Due to the fact that the time for holding the second "FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2008" stage "Rally Vodafone Transiberico" was changed to May 20-25, the organizers of the international cross country rally "Latvian Baja 2008" are forced to announce change in plans. Considering that a range of leading Latvian drivers, as well as potential foreign guest-drivers had planned participation at "Rally Vodafone Transiberico" in advance, a decision has been made on postponing the international cross-country rally in Latvia to July 19-20.

At the end of last year, considering the schedule of the series of FIA cup championships and other major national and neighbouring country championships, "Latvian Baja 2008", was planned for June 14-15. However, the mix-up and regrouping due to the scandalous cancellation of the Dakar 2008 rally called for postponing organization of "Latvian Baja" at the beginning of January to May 24-25. Unfortunately the recent decision of "FIA World Cup" stage to be postponed to the end of May, has put the organizers of "Latvian Baja" in an awkward situation, forcing to announce a change in time of the event for the second time in a short time period.

The organizers of "Latvian Baja" still hope that both the domestic and foreign participants will understand the necessity of such step, as well as understand that it is related to fighting for spheres of influence started in between the organizers of major international cross-country rally championships, which cannot be properly and strictly regulated even by FIA.

The international cross-country rally "Latvian Baja" will be celebrating its five-year anniversary and during the held competitions have drawn many participants from neighbouring countries, as well as from closer Eastern European and even Western European countries. This year, the competition will be held in a more compact form. It means that instead of three days, it will go on only for two days. In comparison with the previous years, the total competition route will be shorter, but the distance will retain its "Latvian Baja" traditional road surface and scenic variety, which is the trademark of the international cross-country rally of Latvia.

Regulations of the competition and the route map are available on the official internet website of the cross-country rally, and acceptance of participant applications will begin on March 15.

Furthermore, the previously announced Cup for motor sport participants within the framework of Latvian rally championship is still in effect. In the Cup, three rallies are included - the international competition "Latvian Baja 2008" on July 19-20, cross-country rally "Selija Super" on August 23, and the cross-country rally "Mustangs" on October 18 - 19. Within the competition, the motorbikes and quads will have their own separate sector. The winners in these groups will be awarded in each rally and in total for the whole championship. For more informations about the International Baja visit [ ].

2008/03/13 | 20:47 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Ainars Zarins

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