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Libya Rally Raid Special-Newssection / Non-FIA Semi/Amateur

This is the single-news section of the special of the Libya Rally Raid 2008, one of the most interesting Non-FIA Semi/Amateurrallies. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

LDC & LRR 2008: Two Libya Marathonrallys starting in March 2008.

Still looking for the possibility to race in a secure environment, several drivers who saw their dreams go away after the cancellation of the Dakar Rally, are now participating in the two new Libyan Rallys "Libya Desert Challenge (LDC)" (organized from the Belgian Gert Duson and his Team) and the "Libya Rally Raid (LRR)" (organized by the German Wolfgang Pasetti and his Team). The LDC is a one-week Event, running from March 5th until March 11th, the LRR is a two-week Event, running from March 15th until March 29th 2008.

Both Rallys offers the drivers a combination of tracks equally as challenging and beautiful as those of the Dakar. With dunes as high as skyscrapers, endless sand seas, spectacular canyons, surreal rock formations and hidden paradise lakes, it combines to deliver a scenery beyond any doubt the most beautiful and breath-taking rally experience in the Sahara.

The main difference to other rallys is the "Amateur"-Status, which means there are no FIA- or local motorsport-licences required. Also both rallys are much cheaper than "normal" FIA-Rallys, without saving money for professional rescue-, logistics- or catering-services and both rallys are insured after FIA-Conditions (for Details ask the Organisers).

Libya Rally Raid (two weeks, starting in Genova/Italy)

Motorbike (including 1 Team member) - 2.700 Euro
Quad (including 1 Team member) - 2.700 Euro
Auto (including 2 Team members) - 3.900 Euro
Truck (including 2 Team members) - 4.700 Euro

- Including shipping costs from/to Genova/Italy and

- Insurance like on F.I.A. approved events
(covering also all costs if the rally is not taking place)
- Accident insurance during Special Stages
- 3 Teams of Medical Service
- Availability of technical assistance (bivouac)
- Ferry Genova-Tunis-Genova (2 bed cabin)
- 1 night hotel accomodation
- Catering + Water during the Rally
- Visa, border formalities, Carnét de Passage
- Libyan vehicle insurance + license plate(s)
- Recovery of Vehicle to the next Bivouac, Transport of bikes/quads back to Tunis
- Transport of two boxes for spare (max. 80x40x35cm)
and two spare wheels for bike and quad entrants
- Shuttle Service for bike and quad riders on the long road sections in Tunesia
- Road books (race & raid)

Libya Desert Challenge (one week, starting in Libya)

Motorbike (including 1 Team member) - 2.750 Euro
Quad (including 1 Team member) - 2.750 Euro
Auto (including 2 Team members) - 5.250 Euro
Truck (including 2 Team members) - 6.000 Euro

- Excluding shipping costs from/to Africa

- Including:

- Race & accident insurance
- Medical assistance
- Availability of technical assistance (bivouac)
- Vehicle recovery to next bivouac in case of breakdown
- Catering (breakfast / lunchbox / 3 course dinner)
- Accommodation based on bivouac / camping (tents provided)
- Border formalities/costs for vehicles
- Libyan car/motorbike insurance
- Libyan license plates for vehicles
- Road books (race & raid)
- Guides (dune driving school & discovery groups)
- Award ceremony
- Libya Desert Challenge outfit

Libya can beyond any doubt be called the safest country on the African continent. (Something we can say based on personal experience in 32 African countries). Crime rates are extremely low and violence against foreigners is to date non-existent.

For more informations and bookings please visit the official websites, Libya Rally Raid (LRR) [ ] and Libya Desert Challenge (LDC) [ ].

2008/01/20 | 23:19 CET | Editor: MR/HS

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