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OiLibya Rally 2009 Special-Newssection (FIA Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the OiLibya Rally 2009, second round of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

OiLibya Rally: The Magic of Sand and wide open spaces.

The 2009 "Tunisia OiLibya Rally" is planned in "cinemascope" through Tunisian and Libyan ergs. This sandsurrounded rally is all set to be magical, both in terms of the quality of an entirely new route and the grand spectacle itself. Covering 4,500 km, the race will include all the diversity of Africa, with 11 demanding stages where driving technique, navigational art and good race management will be determining factors for both professionals and amateurs alike.

On the calendars of the FIA Cross-Country Worldcup and FIM World Championships for motorbikes and quads the 2009 "Tunisia OiLibya Rally" will allow all competitors to express their driving talents and demonstrate their off-road sense of direction. Alongside the "traditional" rally categories, NPO has maintained the "Enduro Cup" (first mount motorbikesquads, with refuelling every 90km) and "Classe Open" (Autos-SSV-Trucks with basic preparation) categories, and, for the first time ever, will count towards the "Wildcat Trophy".

An international oil Group established in 22 African countries, Libya Oil Holding Network has associated with NPO to develop the reputation of its Oil Libya network through the international image of the Tunisia Rally. With the buyout of the Exxon and Mobil networks, Oil Libya now represents over 25% of the retail market in Tunisia. From next April over 200 service stations will bear the name Oil Libya. The group is also increasing development in the fields of exploration, production and gas and oil refining.

For the 2009 "Tunisia OiLibya Rally", competitors meet in Marseille to load their vehicles on board ship. Administrative checks will start in the ship and technical checks will take place in Tunis, "on the seaside". The OiLibya Rally will set off after a huge celebration in Tunis with a super-special stage on the beach. Competitors will then head for the desert, facing 6 further stages in Tunisia and 4 in Libya!

There will be very few link routes: 6 stages will set off and arrive from camp to camp, without ever seeing tarmac. This 2009 rally is a demanding event but will remain accessible to all. In case of missed waypoints or mechanical problems, time penalties will be levied but no competitors will be dismissed from the race. Every competitor can set off again the next morning: the OiLibya rally is still a 100% pleasure Rally-Raid! In case of abandonment, motorbikes will be transported by NPO back to Tunis and riders who wish will be carried free of charge from camp to camp to follow the end of the rally.

In Libya a marathon stage of 850km over 2 days is planned, with a drivers’ camp without assistance staff or motorbike trunks. Course management will be essential for both professionals and amateurs alike. The reward is a 100% off-road track through the dunes of the Ouari erg, with the discovery of 5 lakes surrounded by dunes. Sand, from morning to night - as far as the eye can see!

Meanwhile, assistance vehicles will have a "reserved" camp where everyone will be kept informed of race events. Note that the daily routes taken by assistance vehicles have been considerably limited and take only tarred roads.

From loading to unloading of vehicles in Marseille everything is taken care of: boat transport, accommodation, lunches, dinners, prize giving - everything is included in the entrance fee. This is a surprise-free budget that saves time too (no bookings, money transferred abroad, searching for hotels -.), allowing you more time to concentrate on preparing the race itself.

This is a category reserved for motorbikes and quads, defined as a simple, low-cost springboard towards a rally raid. For experienced Enduro bikers or quad riders or just those wanting to discover new horizons, the "Enduro Cup" will convince even the most hesitant.

This category is open to "Enduro" type motorbikes and quads still in original configuration. Motorbikes must be mass-produced in at least 200 bikes, in full compliance with the sales catalogue of the manufacturer’s series and be sold normally through commercial outlets. In order to enable driving in original configuration, the organisers have set up fuel supplies every 90km. So there’s no need for large tanks or specific suspension. The only technical formality required by the organisers concerns the installation of a road-book roller and, of course, assembly of regulation safety equipment (Klaxon Sentinel, Iritrack system, unik GPS and distress signal).

Meca’System is setting a challenge open to all competitors in the Enduro Cup whose motorbikes are fitted with a "light navigation pack", designed specially for the competition and sold at a preferential rate for this event. The first three in the Challenge will all receive vouchers to purchase Meca’System equipment.

The "Classe Open" category is open to all vehicle types: SSV, Buggys, Protos and 4x4.... It is for older racing vehicles, which cannot be accepted in the T1 or T2 category but which do meet a number of extremely precise safety criteria, including an additional tank (minimum autonomy of 800km), a roll bar, bucket seats, harnesses, an extinguisher, etc. Vehicle preparation is therefore "simplified". "Classe Open" is perfect for raiders who are still hesitating about entering a race and auto sport enthusiasts who dream of Africa but who do not have a large budget. Competitors in the "Classe Open" will live the same adventure as "Rally" entrants: same route, same roadbook, same safety facilities along the 11 stages and over 4,500km of pure pleasure in the heart of the Tunisian and Libyan deserts.

The first round of the "Wildcat Trophy" will be held at the "Tunisia OiLibya Rally". This trophy is for competitors entering at the wheel of a Bowler Wildcat and is above all a race within a race. It’s a time for all competitors to gauge themselves and jostle for places in overall ranking with the same arms at their disposal. It’s a virile, friendly fight but the spirit of assisting others remains a priority. At all the competitions counting for the Wildcat Trophy the best drivers in the general ranking are awarded prizes (cups + prize money). At the end of the season, when all the rounds are completed, the final ranking designates the driver who will be awarded the trophy for the best driver of the year. In 2008, Patrick Syrejol came just ahead of Jérôme Pélichet. For the 2009 "Tunisia OiLibya Rally", Wildcat Trophy entrants benefit from certain advantages, specifically a 1,000 euros reduction on the entrance fees for the Rally category. The top three in the trophy ranking will be awarded cups and cash prizes to be used for NPO events.

In addition to its traditional "clean camps" actions, NPO will ensure for the very first time that polluting emissions are 200% compensated. All polluting emissions from all the organisers’ vehicles (cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, etc.) will be compensated by participation in a re-forestation project. Competitors will be made aware of this problem and given the opportunity of compensating for their own polluting emissions (using calculations based on fuel consumption and tyre changes).

In addition to Iritrack systems (geographic positioning in real time and satellite telephone link with the race CP) and Sentinel (overtaking alarm), all motorbikes and quads will be fitted by NPO, free of charge, with an individual distress signal. 20 doctors, 4 4x4 tangos, 2 Amis motorbikes, 4 helicopters, 2 planes, 2 24hour race control posts, 2 advanced medical units, 2 sweeper trucks, 3 CP vehicles, 7 supply vehicles and assistance from the Tunisian and Libyan military will all be used to ensure that the race goes to plan.

NPO is offering several types of trips so that this exhilarating adventure can be shared. From the "accompanier" trip for families to meet with their "hero" at the start line in Tunis or on arrival in Tozeur through to a VIP, multi-activity trip : 4x4 driving along the rally route, quad expedition, camp discovery, meetings with the champions - there’s something for everyone to find their ideal way of living "their own" adventure. For more informations visit the official website at [ ]

Dates to remind:

The OiLibya Rally of Tunisia, from 22 april to 2 may 2009.

6 april 2009 : close of registrations
20 april : boarding vehicles on the Carthage at Marseille, administrative checks on board
21 and 22 Avril 2009 : technical scrutineering in Tunis
22 april : « super-spéciale » on the beach
23 April au 2 Mai 2009 : 10 Stages
2 May 2009 : Prize Giving night ceremony

2009/02/27 | 23:05 CET | Editor: MR/HS/NPO

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