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Libya Rally: Patrick Zaniroli to join the Amateur Libya Rally.

In addition to the race category and the dune driving school (led by the Dutch Dakar-biker Frans Verhoeven), participants of the Libya Rally 2010 (not the NPO OiLibya Rally!) will also have the possibility to register for a regularity rally. In this category the objective is not on who finishes first but on maintaining a constant pre-determined average speed. To develop and professionally manage this part of the race, the organisation is pleased to announce that Patrick Zaniroli will be join the team.

Patrick Zaniroli (1950) first became famous and a known name in the rally world in the eighties as a result of numerous victories in the Paris-Dakar rally. A few examples of his impressive achievements are a.o. a 6th place in Dakar 1981 and a 2nd place in 1984 (Range Rover). In 1985 he won 1st place driving as a factory pilot for Mitsubishi and gave the brand its first victory ever in the rally/raid. In 1986 he won 7 stages in the Dakar but only finished 7th as a result of a broken gearbox. In 1987 he ended 2nd with his Range Rover and drove the following years as a factory pilot for Land Rover and Mitsubishi.

In 1994, on Jean-Claude Killy’s request, Patrick became "Directeur Sportif" of TSO (Thierry Sabine Organisation) responsible for building and maintaining the relationship between the federations and the sport organisation of the Dakar rally. Over 12 years Zaniroli held a top management role at ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation), first as Directeur Sportif, and afterwards as race director. In 2005 he left the organisation of the Dakar to concentrate on his own initiatives such as the Transafricaine Classic.

Within the Libya Rally team Patrick Zaniroli will be responsible for the complete organisation of the regularity rally and will, as a result of his experience in racing, also be the assistant-race director working for our race director Maurice Maurey.

Libya Rally welcomes more rally celebrities: Alain Lopes

Next week race director Maurice Maurey and his team leave for Libya for the first reconnaissance trip of the LR2010 and to write the road books. To help with this job he gets the assistance of Alain Lopes. As a road book specialist Lopes has written the road books of the Dakar rally 8 times and also 8 times those of the Pharaoh’s Rally, together with Jacky Ickx.

For more than 20 years Alain Lopes (1948) was a professional rally pilot and co-pilot of rally legends such as Schlesser, Colsoul, Duez and -coincidence or not- Patrick Zaniroli. An impressive 16 times he participated in the Dakar rally: 8 times as co-pilot and 8 times as road book writer, which he did also for more than 50 other rallies.

In the Libya Rally organisation Alain’s main responsibilities are writing the road books for the regularity race and assisting Maurice Maurey in the writing of the general road book for the race category. With the superb combination of Zaniroli-Lopes on board, the Libya Rally can be sure of a seriously experienced team with decades of know-how; something any so-called competition can only dream of.

Libya Rally 2010 - Official presentation for Belgium & Holland

Everybody’s welcome at the official presentation of the Libya Rally edition 2010. On Wednesday 23rd September (Holland) and Thursday 24th September (Belgium) the organising team will present the extreme desert rally that will take place from the 9th till the 16th March 2010 in the south of the Libyan Sahara. Stunning pictures, breathtaking videos, the race, the adventure category, the regularity race, the dune driving school for motorbikes lead by Dakar star Frans Verhoeven, technical assistance, transport and preparation ... all subjects will be tackled both evenings. Time & venue:

Holland: 23rd September at 19.30 at Chrysler Jeep Kien, bedrijvenpark 'De Beemd', Markweg 2, in 6883 JM Velp, the Netherlands.

Belgium: 24th September at 20.00 at Espace 53, Parc du Cinquantenaire 11 in 1000 Brussels.

For more informations please visit the official website at [

2009/09/18 | 17:23 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Gert Duson

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