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Libya Rally Raid Special-Newssection / Non-FIA Semi/Amateur

This is the single-news section of the special of the Libya Rally Raid 2008, one of the most interesting Non-FIA Semi/Amateurrallies. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Libya Rally Raid: Dhont increased his advantage in Libya.

"Normann Bock Memorial" - this was the name of today´s special, named after the legendary Germany rally-logistics specialist Normann Bock, who died last April after an accident. Dunes, dunes, dunes - 138 kms from Camp Africa into the dune field with long and above all high dunes. A sand storm made it even worse, limiting the visibility.

The day was with 38 degrees especially hot, even at night it was with 24 degrees very pleasant. Many rally participants left their tent or their mobile home and slept under the stars in the camp, or (with police surveillance) even in the dunes only some metres away.

The special was not as difficult as that of Thursday - but still a challenge. "Many dunes were very soft so we needed big swing to be able to cross them" says Roland Kilzer who got back to the race only today after having some technical problems in the past days. "I hardly got to the dunes, and one caught me instantly" smiles Kilzer, "on a steep dune my engine electornic broke again and I had to go through the edge with big throttle. Then I rose and landed with the nose in the dune. Fortunately nothing happened." But the German had bad luck again: the failure in the engine electronic turned up again. "I was able to finish the stage but with 20 kmph" says Kilzer. "In the following days i will join the tourism category again."

The sympathetic Belgian, Bernard Dhont increased his lead in the overall classification with another stage victory. With 14 hours, 16 minutes and 38 seconds the driver of the ORC Mercedes G320 has an advantage of more than three hours in front of the Swiss team Eisenmann/Eisenmann (Toyota Landcruiser) and the father-son duo Asmus/Asmus (Toyota Landcruiser)

One of the characteristics of the Libya Rally Raid is the fair relationship between the crews. At difficult passages they always help each other, the "newcomers" work together with the more experienced teams, the Belgian Dhont waits again for the others to show them the way. "This is fantastic!" says Malte Asmus, "a perfect cooperation. The Belgians stopped again before the finish to pass the stage victory to another team - it"s great!"

Above all Asmus draws the attention more and more. "The father and son duo impressed me" so Roland Kilzer. "They drive well, have self-confidence and are really helpful." On today"s stage, when they noticed that Andreas Wulf and Anja Bork (Nissan Navara) had been missing behind them, they drove back. The Nissan crew couldn"t go up on a steep dune - they lacked power. Finally they had to interrupt the stage because they weren"t able to complete the difficult passages. "It turned out that it was only the air filter, nothing worse" told us Wulf in the evening.

After a small break on Thursday, Hans-Peter Kessler is back in race with his ORC Mercedes ML T2. Kessler put on bad (used) tires before coming to Libya and he broke his two (!) spare wheels right on the first stage. So on Thursday he had to look for better (new) tires in Libya. Fortunately he managed to find them and started today the third stage, on which he finished fifth.

In the morning the special adventure of the two race trucks of the Schumann family finally came to an end. They couldn"t finish yesterday"s stage in the daylight and stayed in the dunes for the night with some Aania-employees. "That was a special night" says co-driver Gröger. "The Libyans provided us with food and there was a very special atmosphere. The stage itself was very difficult, we really struggled."

The trucks met on the way also with the only biker of the Libya Rally Raid, Liz Millet from England, who stopped on halfway with a broken engine. She went on foot to the second CP to report her problem - since the bike was not on the route, the closing truck of Jörg Schumann couldn"t find it.

On Saturday the rally caravan leaves the pleasant "Camp Africa" and moves 420 km away to the "Camp Eyes", an own camp "in the middle of nowhere". On the 4th stage the crews will have fast tracks and some dunes to complete. The special section will be 296 km long, the rest transfer stage.

2008/03/23 | 09:36 CET | Editor: MR/HS/LRR-Liveteam

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