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Libya Rally Raid Special-Newssection / Non-FIA Semi/Amateur

This is the single-news section of the special of the Libya Rally Raid 2008, one of the most interesting Non-FIA Semi/Amateurrallies. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Libya Rally Raid: New non-FIA Semi/Amateur Rally aims for a Hattrick

It has been in the pipeline for some time and now it’s official: The "Libya Rally Raid" will set the pace in the international world of rallying as the new marathonrally in the great Dunes of Libya. The exceptional thing about it is that it’s the first time that a rally organized from a German Company has been completely retuned and promises to be a masterpiece of organization. A six-figured budget backs this up and for the moment it is to be held for three years running. A well-established team is behind it all and should any problems crop up, solutions will be offered from the professionals at FIA-Marathonrally Sport.

Let’s start at the beginning. After the debacle of the Libya Desert Challenge (LDC), which had to be cancelled this year owing to massive shortcomings in the organizing concerning the no man’s land between Tunisia and Libya, an Interest Group (IG) was spontaneously formed comprising LDC victims and rally enthusiasts who wanted to realize the idea of carrying out a rally in Libya. The main tenor being that it simply must be possible to organize a one of a high standard in Libya. Therefore the decision to launch the new Libya Rally was decided upon while actually still in Tunisia.

To get off to a good start, the enterprise "Libya Rally Raid Ltd" was founded and three investors provided the necessary six-figure funding. "We want a top-class, sporting as well as scenic rally, not a one-off but a sporting event which will run year after year", announced one of the investors. "Of course, we want to earn money with the LRR which is why we have only committed ourselves to a three-year rally. We don’t expect to earn anything in the first year but we want it to break even in the second and to yield profits in the third."

In the initial run-up, ideas and suggestions were pooled with experts and competitors in the field of car, motorbike, 4x4 and truck racing contributing to the think tank. This resulted in drawing up a two-week event at fair conditions starting in Tunisia thus avoiding the long journey down to Libya.

No one less than the renowned rally and off-road travel expert, Wolfgang Pasetti, is to head the organization. Pasetti who has made a name for himself in the FIA as well as in the Amateur Rally scene has run organizations such as the "Australian Safari" together with the present X-Raid boss Sven Quandt or the "UAE Desert Challenge", he has accompanied expeditions (e.g. through Asia) and has won German amateur rallies such as El Chott.

"I actually never wanted to organize a rally myself," admitted Pasetti to, "but it sounded so convincing. I’m not as young as I used to be but I am more than pleased to pass down my experience to others. I’m at the stage when one doesn’t want to experiment any longer but when I heard that there’s a sensible budget behind it and I’ve a free rein with the organizing, I immediately agreed. We can therefore guarantee that the Libya Rally Raid will be a professional one from the word go."

Pasetti, however, doesn’t see himself as the "Boss": "We have a unique chance to design a rally with fixed funding. We had a good look around, observed and analysed what went wrong with other events and what was successful. Lessons learned, we drew up an excellent team which is working intensively on preparing the event. It’s not "my" rally; it’s a highly interesting, experienced and committed team’s rally."

The Libyan service sector organization "Aania" was tasked with local organization as it already proved itself excelling in the first and second LDC rallies. "Aania" is responsible for all local matters regarding permits, visas and so on and will support us by working out routes and stages.

Marco Boelling will take over the actual running of it and can rely on a team of experts handpicked by Wolfgang Pasetti who already did a rather good job with the 2nd Libya Desert Challenge. Timekeeping is also in Marco Boelling’s department and runs along the lines of a tried-and-tested international system.

Outdoor caterer Pit Frey will take charge of the catering accompanying the rally with a special 8x8 MAN outdoor catering truck. The "DAKTEC" company is providing service vehicles and technical support. They also were responsible for servicing at the "Grand Erg" and the "Erg Oriental".

Vehicle recovery is in the very able hands of Matthias Bähren, long-serving Camion Balai at the "El Chott" and commencing this year also at the "Erg Oriental". Medical services will be provided by "Promedic" doctors who are also on duty at the "Erg Oriental" and "El Chott". A first for a German amateur rally is a mobile physiotherapy team, "Kellberger", who will provide massage treatment in the camps every evening.

Excellent press coverage of the Libya Rally Raid has been secured as several international top journalists could be won over: Italian Paolo Pauletta, who writes for several Italian magazines, and Rita Konya from Hungary will be reporting for Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian and Russian magazines. France will be covered by no less than the famous Judith Tomaselli. German media is represented by a team from who will be reporting on a daily basis from Libya with the print press being extensively covered by the magazine "Off-Road".

The main trouble of many amateur rallies to date has been insurance coverage or rather the lack of it as it often insurance was only partly available or worse still not at all available. Pasetti on this: "We aim for professionalism and this includes serious and guaranteed insurance protection. We have oriented ourselves on FIA events and offer comprehensive motor sport insurance coverage such as required by FIA or the German Motor Sport Association. For once and for all any attempts at fiddling and manipulation ensuing when having claimed costs, will be a thing of the past".

On top of this, special event insurance offers competitors an unusual feature: each and every participant will be refunded their starting fee if the race has to be cancelled. This insurance even covers unusual cases such as terrorist attacks", added Pasetti. All measures have been taken to avoid a financial debacle nipping any hiccups in the bud right from the start after what occurred at this year’s LDC.

In a matter of a few weeks a team will be off on a pre-tour to Tunisia and Libya to sound out the route along with the Libyan organization "Aania". The stages themselves are to meet the necessary requirements - high speed, dunes and sand, long and short legs. "We’ll be passing through the most beautiful regions of Libya such as the Akakus mountain range, the gigantic dunes in Murzug as well as the Mandara lakes", enthuses Pasetti.

Starting fees for the new Libya Rally Raid have been kept sensible despite its extent:

- Motorcycle / quad (incl. one person): 2.700 Euro
- Car (incl. 2 persons) 3.900 Euro
- Truck (up to 6m, incl. 2 persons): 4,700 Euro

- Costs for service vehicle and personnel upon request

These fees include:

- Motor sport insurance in accordance with FIA standards
- Accident insurance for competitors
- 3 medical teams*
- Technical service at the bivouacs**
- Ferry Genoa -Tunis (return ticket)
- One night hotel accommodation
- Catering and water during the rally
- Visas, border formalities, Carnét de Passage, Libyan car insurance
- Salvage service to the next bivouac
- Road Books (competitors)
- Travel guides (two-legged variety)
- Organisation/race organisation/implementation

* = treatment costs, return transport
** = tools on loan / repairs at reasonable rates

- If required, iridium satellite telephone can be rented for 100 Euro (plus costs for calls)

For more informations please visit the official website at [ ].

2007/07/11 | 19:04 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Marc Boelling

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