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Libya Rally Raid Special-Newssection / Non-FIA Semi/Amateur

This is the single-news section of the special of the Libya Rally Raid 2008, one of the most interesting Non-FIA Semi/Amateurrallies. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Libya Rally Raid: Organizers are off on their Grand Pre-Tour.

It’s now really down to business for the organizers of the new German "Libya Rally Raid" which will take place in March next year for the very first time. This coming Monday the organizers and two of the investors are heading off on their Grand Pre-Tour of the rally allowing just under two weeks for their venture.

"We have planned an exciting route", Rally-Boss Wolfgang Pasetti reported beforehand, "We now want to finalize the details of the stages". The new organizers emphasize the importance of their professional approach: "The Rally route will be mapped out to provide the participants with a high mileage and scenic and challenging stages, the rally tourists will enjoy an interesting programme and first and foremost, the Orga-Team will be able to keep up throughout the event".

In order to offer the participants interesting camps but also to provide the organizers and caterers with feasible timeframes, several places have been planned in for longer sojourns in the Rally 2008. "There’s no joy in rushing around and constantly moving camp. That’s why we want to find an interesting happy medium", states Pasetti.

On the whole, the "Libya Rally Raid" is to decidedly stand out against the majority of the previous German-organized desert rallies. "We’re planning our event just as a FIA-Organizer would plan one", adds Wolfgang Pasetti. This comprises not only being tightly organized and providing the best possible safety, but also taking the international press into consideration. "No sponsor is interested in a rally if there’s no press coverage."

The "Libya Rally Raid" will therefore be accompanied by a film production company that has already covered assignments for the top German television channels ZDF, ARD and NDR and many others. In addition, international motor-sport journalists from Italy, France and Eastern Europe have been won over. And on top of that, a co-operation with has been clinched which enables us to report daily from the event with summaries, interviews, results, photos and as far as possible short videos in German and English on the internet.

To also offer the entrants the latest in security covering financial and sport-related aspects, the Libya Rally Raid has broken new ground from the word go. Not only has the whole rally been financially safeguarded from the very beginning by investors, but we have taken out comprehensive rally insurance. This event cancellation insurance offers 100% financial security for the entrants and motor-sport insurance covers worst case scenario which hopefully will never arise. The event cancellation insurance covers financial risk in case of discontinuation, cancellation or postponement (e.g. due to strikes, other hold-ups, violence, terror, assassination attempts, storms, rain, snow, hail, temperatures).

An Early Bird Special is on offer to all those who register before 31st October 2007. The new rally should also profit from the registration stop for motorbikes in the legendary Turareg Rally in Morocco. "We have already had people inquiring from England", says Pasetti. Further information and registration forms can be found on the official website [ ]. Please feel free to address any queries via email during the Pre-Tour to the race organizer Marco Boelling at [ ].

The routes (at present) are as follows:

Day 1 - 15.03.2008
Ferry leaves Genoa (Italy) for Tunisia

Day 2 - 16.03.2008
Arrival in Tunis (Tunisia), liaison probably to Gabes (Tunisia), overnight stay in hotel there

Day 3 - 17.03.2008
Liaison from Gabes to the Libyan border, border crossing followed by prologue stage on Libyan soil, camp en route to Ghadames (Libya)

Day 4 - 18.03.2008
Short liaison, 1st Stage, evening bivouac in Idri

Day 5 - 19.03.2008
2nd Stage: Idri - Mandara-Lakes - Camp Africa, evening bivouac in Camp Africa

Day 6 20-03-2008
3rd Stage: Circuit Mandara Lakes, bivouac in Camp Africa

Day 7 - 21.03.2007
4th Stage: Circuit Mandara Lakes, bivouac in Camp Africa

Day 8 - 22.03.2008
5th Stage: (Special Stage "Stage of Kings", 300 km) Camp Africa - Murzug - Acacus Mountains, bivouac in Camp Acacus

Day 9 - 23.03.2008
6th Stage: Circuit Acacus Mountains, evening in Camp Acacus

Day 10 - 24.03.2008
Stage 7: Acacus Mountains - Camp Aania, evening in Camp Aania among the dunes

Day 11 - 25.03.2008
Stage 8: (Final Stage) - Camp Aania - Ghadames, Prize-Giving Ceremony in the evening in Ghadames

Day 12 - 26.03.2008
Liaison Ghadames - Border, border crossing into Tunisia, evening bivouac in Tunisia

Day 13 - 27.03.2008
Liaison in the north of Tunisia, last bivouac/hotel in Tunisia

Day 14 - 28.03.2008
Return Journey Tunisia - Genoa/Italy

2007/11/13 | 13:12 CET | Editor: MR/HS

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