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Marchroute 1000: Nart-Time occupied rally podium in Russia

"Marchroute 1000" one of the most thrilling and long events in Russian Offroad Championship kicked off in Volgograd region on April 17th. Almost 800 km of Archedino-Donski bumpy sandy roads were a great challenge for rally participants. Teams from different parts of Russia took part in the race. This year we could see the bike race again. And also there was the largest amount of trucks in the rally history. All these aspects made the race really exciting and unforgettable.

This time Nart-Time Team was reinforced by Pavel Loginov/Kyril Shubin on Nissan (2006 Russian Offroad Champions) and Ruslan Misikov with his brand new Chevrolet Buggy designed specially for cancelled Dakar 2008.Andrey Dmitriev debuted on Acura NSX Buggy. Yaroslav Soloviev started the race on Honda Civic Sport Buggy and Boris Gadasin piloted his 2007 International Cup winning Nissan. Actually he has already reached podium twice this year, in Italy and Saudi Arabia. As a result, all above-mentioned pilots became the favorites of the race. No rival from other teams could compete with them in general standings.

Let’s come back to the very beginning of the rally. First day included Super Special and 200-km Special. Nart-Time Team absolutely dominated even on the Super Special. Seven cars in the first ten. Boris Gadasin won SS, Ruslan Misikov was the second, Andrey Dmitriev - third. Konstantin Zhiltsov/Konstantin Mesheryakov won in Production Class. Shortly, the first special begun. By its half Gadasin already had 3.5 minutes lead over his closest rival. But than leader faced troubles with his power steering and had to struggle against his own car until the end of the stage. Nevertheless he kept his leadership in such an impressive manner. Ruslan Misikov and Andrey Dmitrev was second and third respectively.

Unfortunately Production Class leader Konstantin Zhiltsov met serious mechanical troubles right after the start and had to leave the race. Nart-Time Team National Class leader Russian Champion Yury Borovikov had the same problems. However, Vladimor Gorbachevich another team representative finished second in this class. Thus we could see seven Nart-Time cars in the first ten positions of the general standings that evening.

Second day included the most complicated and long special of the rally. It was almost the same way like the day before, but reversed and 80 km more. The road promised to be completely ruined. Boris Gadasin drove confidently with comfortable 30 minutes lead but after apprx. 250 km of the special he got real problems with fuel injection. Finally his lead shrunk to 7 minutes.

Ruslan Misikov faced even more serious troubles. Right after the start he lost almost half an hour fixing electricity malfunction in his buggy. In the second half of the special this problem appeared again which did’t let Ruslan pass all obligatory CPs. As a result big penalization drove Misikov out of the fight for the victory.

Andrey Dmitriev was fast and lucky enough to finish that day on the second position in general standings. Third position was occupied by Yaroslav Soloviev (Nart-Time). In National Class Vladimir Gorbachevich has taken the lead.

Final day of the rally started with shocking news. Race leader Boris Gadasin has got 1 hour penalization. Thus he fell to the fifth position. With courage in his heart Gadasin rushed into struggle. But that wasn’t a day of his. After first 40 km he broke a tyre and than his car’s engine denied to start working which cost him 20 minutes more. Finally Andrey Dmitriev occupied the first position and won the special as well as the race. It was his first Russian Championship race win. Moreover, he is now a leader of the Russian Championship after two rounds. With only six races behind his back he has shown himself as confident and talented racer.

We congratulate Andrey and wish him success in his future career. Yaroslav Soloviev preserved his second position and that was one of the best rallies in his career as well. Boris Gadasin - the suffering winner of all specials of the race was able to finally reach third position in general standings.

Therefore podium was completely occupied by Nart-Time Team representatives. This confirms that this team is a leading one in the Russian off-road sport. In National Class Vladimir Gorbachevich was victorious. Ruslan Misikov could finish the race and gain some points. Now he occupies second position in Superproduction Class.

2008/04/30 | 18:43 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Nart Time

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