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Morocco Rally: Volkswagen´s Carlos Sainz turns it on.

The fastest time on the third day, over 344 km long (one of the longest stages), was once again Carlos Sainz. Who stretches his lead over team mate Giniel de Villiers. On the bikes, the Portuguese Ruben Faria stays in the lead, even though his navigation wasn’t without fault.

If for those sat in the cars, the navigation seemed easier than yesterday, for the bikes, finding the right direction wasn’t easy. Twice the talented Ruben Faria made mistakes that, in the end lost him three minutes to the Irishman Stan Watt. But as Stan Watt got penalised three minutes yesterday evening for speeding in a limited zone, the time difference between them remains the same. Third overall was the Russian Alexy Kolomytsin. Having suffered falls today(but not too serious) the Portuguese Armando Sousa and Vadim Prituliak from Kazakhstan were air lifted by “Tango”.

In the cars, the windless day made the going easier for the leader. At mid-way, the first six cars were not greatly spaced apart, but towards the end the Race-Touareg of Carlos Sainz and Giniel de Villiers pulled away. At the finish the Spaniard was feeling reassured; whereas the South African regretted having to ease off, due to malfunctioning valve in the right hand rear tyre. The BMW driver Nasser Al Attiyah had to stop three times to change a rear tyre. Worst still for Guerlain Chicherit, who had another long breakdown, an electric problem.

For the Buggy’s, Jose-Luis Monterde had a great drive, finishing sixth and with Dominique Housieaux( 8th today) still leading the category, who could be more happy than the team manager Jean-Louis Schlesser. Bad luck for Isabelle Patissier and Thierry Delli-Zotti who found themselves upside down after 291 km. Where they had to wait nearly half an hour for a good Samaritan to stop, and help them right the buggy. Even though this puts them 17th today, they’re still in the fight.

And as for the only truck in the race, driven by the brave Elisabete Jacinto from Portugal. It is doing great with a placing of about 22nd place overall.

What they said ?

Stan Watt (Fastest time-Bikes): «The navigation was tricky but I got over it. »

Ruben Faria (Bike leader): « First to start, I got lost at about 30 km, and found myself behind three bikes. I caught and overtook them before the CP. But then I got lost again and Watt passed me. It happens. »

Christophe Meillat (First 450): « Yesterday I lost time because I wasn’t feeling well. Anyway, these tracks are too fast for my 450. Today I stopped to help Armando Sousa n°6 when he fell. Due to the Iritrack I was able to give the alarm, and inform the race control of his condition. Then I waited for the medics to arrive. »

Carlos Sainz (First place-Cars): « We kept up a good average.. The navigation was easier today, but we still had to be on the alert. The car is going great. »

Giniel de Villiers (Second Overall): « It was difficult for us this morning because there was no wind and we right in the dust cloud of Carlos. We got to within about twenty seconds of him. At 100 km from the finish, the rear tyre started to deflate; we made the choice to go for it and finally finished not too far behind. »

Carlos Sousa (Third Overall): « Every day, we’re trying out new set-ups on the car. We are not far from the right settings »

Nasser Al Attiyah (Fourth Overall) : « There must be a problem at the back of the car, because we keep getting punctures. We used our three spare wheels….»

2007/09/28 | 11:56 CET | Editor: MR/NPO/Rita Konya

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