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New State-of-the art Nissan Pickup work-car in Hungary

Hungarian privateers Sándor Kis and Peter Czeglédi recently introduced their all-new work Nissan Navara at the Hungarian Baja. Finishing first and leading from the start, they could not be beaten by any of the big guns of the nine nationalities present. Sykora, winner of Baja Aragon Espana, Zapletal, winner of Baja Eurocarpatica, Saukans, winner of last year’s Hungarian Baja and the others were disappointed to see the toughness of the Nissan and the Hungarians.

Kis and Czeglédi have been racing their own built Pick ups and Navaras for 4 years in cross country rallies like Dakar and FIA World Cup. Their new car was built in South Africa, where most of the recent years’ works Nissan cars were designed and prepared. The cooperation of the two teams dates back to 2003, when the Hungarian couple first entered Dakar. Since then both teams had important benefits from the exchange of experience during their visits and tests at each other’s sites. In 2004, after some engine related failures the Hungarians looked after a tougher solution, and they agreed with Nissan Motorsport South Africa to supply works racing engines together with other parts to their private car.

Since 2004, Kis and Czeglédi had the opportunity to enter several South African National Championship races which proved to be an absolute success: in 2004, their 2nd place allowed Nissan to win the team championship (Giniel de Villiers, Hannes Grobler and Alfie Cox were their team-mates at that time) and in 2006, they finished 2nd at the first ever FIA World Cup rally in South Africa.

During these tests and races the Hungarians realised that the works cars were unbeatably lighter than their own. To compete with the best, they needed a car built using factory facilities. Following some discussions Nissan Motorsport took in charge the build of a unique works race car for the Hungarians. With its special, independent rear suspension, 4 litre engine, newly developed gearbox and modified wheelbase and displaced engine this car is the only one of its kind. Resolving all the special requirements, the build took more than one year. Manager of Nissan Motorsport South Africa said "Literally it was like building the 04 Dakar works car all over again".

The new car was finally introduced at the Hungarian Baja in August 2006 and its second appearance will take place at the Pharaons Rally in Egypt. Most competitors in the cross country scene are eager to see the Navara - after all, it’s been a long time that a freshly built high level Nissan works car appeared in the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies. What a surprise that a private team from Eastern Europe presents it!

2006/08/29 | 13:08 CET | Editor: MR/Zsolt Várkonyi

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