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Northern Forest Baja Special-Newssection (Candidate for FIA Cross Country Bajas)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Northern Forest Baja 2008, candidate for the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Bajas. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Northern Forest: Extreme and beautiful Baja in Russia

The 2008 International Rally-Raid Baja, "Northern Forest", will take place in the vicinity of Saint Petersburg city between February 22nd and 24th. This unique snow race is expected to exceed the previous record number of participants and media reporters from the accredited mass media sources of Russia, the former Soviet republics and the foreign countries.

The beautiful northern nature of Saint-Petersburg, the enchanting sight of the race, the excellent organization and the hospitality of local residents have attracted numerous race drivers, journalists and general public to this spectacular event.

A large number of participants, especially from the French and Italian regions, enjoyed the proximity of the venue where the Baja race took place: Saint-Petersburg is an Eastern-European city that can be reached by plane within three to four hours from the majority of the Western-European cities.

The history of this race dates back to the nineteen sixties, when the famous "White Nights" rally was taking place in the vicinity of Saint-Petersburg city; the same area where the "Northern Forest" is taking place today. Race organizers have improved the "White Nights" route and made it into an excellent road rally track, shaped into a circle of one hundred kilometers in length. The first "Northern Forest" competition took place in 2002, as a part of the "Russian Cup".

Within two years, the successful management and the development of the infrastructure have allowed the "Northern Forest" to become one of the stages of the Russian Championship. Baja's prestige and organizational structure have been steadily improving every year, as experts from the international associations have noted.

Last year, the "Northern Forest" became an international race, and in 2007, it was included in the FIA sports calendar. The Baja had made the most positive impression on the participants and the official representatives; therefore, this year, the race is going to obtain a higher status on the international scene.

Today "Northern Forest" is a great combination of beauty and challenge. Even when winter is warm, the area, where the rally takes place, is covered with snow, and its landscape is beautiful! Only once a year this majestic tranquility and calmness of enchanting woodland scenery is disturbed by a roar of rally cars' engines.

Speeds are very high. Driving demands extreme concentration from pilots, especially on the icy parts of the road and during overtaking. A cloud of snow dust rises from under the wheels of the car ahead, beautifully sparkling in the sun, but, at the same time, blocking the field of view. The beauty and the complexity of the "Northern Forest" transform the race into a spectacular show that attracts race drivers and public from all over the world.

"Northern Forest" organizers plan to bring the race into the class of world-famous Rally-raid events. They prepare large-scale innovations and improvements. "Sports Village" will be one of these improvements, where entertainment and leisure activities will be provided to the public. Live broadcast of the race will also be projected on large TV screens. In "Sports Village" guests will be able to see sports cars, eat delicious Russian food and purchase memorable souvenirs.

The proximity to the cultural and architectural "pearl of Baltic Sea", Saint-Petersburg is one of the other success factors of "Northern Forest". Organizers have prepared special tourist programs to rally participants visiting Northern Capital of Russia.

2007/12/03 | 14:55 CET | Editor: MR/Northern Forest/Rita Konya

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