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Northern Forest: Unique Winter-Baja in the end of February.

Bajas and Offroad-Rallies don´t have to take part only in the Desert or the Djungle - it also can take part in the Snow! For the 5th time in 2007 the Russian "Nart Time Team" and their Partners are organizing the "Northern Forest Winter Baja" in the near of St. Petersburg (Russia). The Baja will take part from February 23rd until February 25th - will cover the Rally live for the first time.

The "Northern Forest" is an unique race. Real winter rally-raids are hold only in Russia and nowhere else in the world. Rather there are a lot of winter rally-raids but they are hold in the places where winter and snow are incompatible. Sand, stones, ground, gravel and water have been mastered long time ago, thousands of such competitions are held annually. Snow is something new in the world of rally-raids and nobody except Russian pilots tried to drive in such exotic conditions.

It is not surprising that debut rally-raid of the 2003 season "Northern Forest" generated considerable public excitement at least in Russia. All the competitors pointed to high level of the route preparation as well as organization of the contest itself.

Three competitive days are waiting for the crews. On Friday, 23d, they would pass the starting ramp in the small town Priozersk (St. Petersburg region), and hit the first competitive meters of the SuperSpecial (about 2 km), for the pleasure of spectators prepared at the airfield of that town.

But the real competition would start later, when the crews would move to the SS1 that is only 15,5 km long. But that stage wouldn't be a common prologue that time, as its results wouldn't only influence to the starting order of the first full competitive day (Saturday), but also the general results of the event. SS1 is unique for off-road events, as it s route passes the country roads former used for "classic" rally "The White Nights", that is the legend of Russian motorsport. So the off-road aces would have a chance to test the feelings of classic rally drivers on the local roads, that are, like in neighboring Finland, are "3-D" not only curves and straights, but also the jumps, uphill and downhill sections between the trees of… yes, the Northern Forest.

But what about the "off-road" itself? The main competition would begin on Saturday, and during the 2 days would round around the village of Gromovo. The 5 stages are start and finish there, but have 3 different routes. The total mileage of the baja is about 800 km, 450 from them are on the special stages. As previously, there are speed limitation zones (SL) for the safety reasons, most of them are in living areas. The speed is reduced there down to 60, 40 and even 30 km/h, and speeding is penalized heavily. 1 km/h speeding should be not only the reason for monetary punishment, but also add the penalty minutes to the results, that could cost good positions for any crew. Each competing car is equipped with the sealed GPS black box, and the organizers would read the data from that unit after the section.

The icy and snowy roads and off-road forestry sections is still unique for the rally-raids of such a level. It wouldn't be lies to call the participants as "best of the best" in Russian off-road competitions. And the roads are still demanding and tricky. So there are all the "ingredients" for the real competition.

Northern Forest 2007 Agenda

DAY 1: Thursday. February 22

- Arrival to St-Petersburg
- Technical Scrutineering

DAY 2: Friday, February 23 - The Baja

- Press-conference
- First competitive day - Super Special

DAY 3: Saturday, February 24

- Second competitive day - through the winter forest

DAY 4: Sunday, February 25

- Third competitive day
- Prize giving

For more informations please visit the official website [ ] or wait for the online Live-Special at international and Hungary.

2007/02/08 | 14:32 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Northern Forest

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