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Northern Forest: What they said at the Baja after SS1.

Ruslan Misikov: "I haven't estimated the track properly. The snow is soft. My speed was good for grip. I was loosing the car in turns trying to brake. I'm not satisfied with the results."

MR:: "You've already seen the SSS. One part of it is a twisty road, another one is fast. What is your opinion about it? Is it worth doing such different parts of the track?"

Ruslan Misikov: "It is an important thing. Firstly, some drivers are confident on fast parts, others are on the twisty ones. It is done to compensate the skills' advantage of the drivers. Secondly, this track should have an ice surface where it's possible to move sideways on high speed. But unfortunately, the weather didn't allow doing it as the surface turned out to be too soft and in corners the car was sometimes stuck and we had to drive slower."

MR:: "Bogdan Novitsky, the rally-raid has started. You've driven the rally's first stage. What is your impression?"

Bogdan Novitsky: "The car is not mine that's why I tried to be careful and not to surprise anybody at the start. In general, everything is ok, snow is always interesting. The road is twisty. I liked everything."

MR:: "You've noticed that there are two parts of the road: the first one is twisted, another one is fast. Is it right or wrong? What is the difference? If the whole road was fast, would it be interesting as well?"

Bogdan Novitsky: "It's a very good idea. And as for me it's really interesting."

MR:: "What are your expectations for the rally? How is your mood?"

Bogdan Novitsky: "Fine. I don't think it will be possible to beat everybody, but I'll learn something new. Firstly, I'm not experienced enough; secondly the car is not competitive."

MR:: "Alexander Mironenko, What can you tell about the first Baja's day where the road was like a rally stage? What feelings do you have?"

Alexander Mironenko:: "It seems to me that it is not like a rally stage. As compared to rallying this one is slow. It was hard for me as I drove this car for the first time. I didn't want to lose the rally at the beginning. I wanted to get used to the car and everything should be clear tomorrow."

MR:: "What are your plans and tasks for the rally? Your expectations?"

Alexander Mironenko:: "The plans are to learn. To be honest, I would like to be a prize-winner."

MR:: "Boris Gadasin, how is your mood before the rally? Your impressions about the SSS."

Boris Gadasin: "The mood is fine. On this rally our aim is to test the new 7 litre engine we have just installed. We are preparing for Italy and getting used to the car. In Italy there will be serious foreign competitors. The main purpose for this rally is to get to grips with the new engine, not to hurry and watch the rivals' driving."

Giavanni Manfrinato: "It's a first rally for us to drive on these tyres and in such conditions, that's why there are some problems with the set-up. The SSS is too technical and very hard. Tomorrow we'll try to change the settings and enjoy the rally."

Alexey Berkut: "No emotions yet. I'm trying to get used to the car. It's my first experience of driving this car and I can't understand the way it goes. The real rally hasn't started yet and there is nothing serious. We'll see tomorrow. We're always driving to get the result that's why we won't brake without any reason. The main thing is to understand the way to drive the car. The car is not mine and quite different. It's difficult for me."

Mikhail Antsiferov: "We went off the road on the SSS. It seems I didn't hear the co-driver. I drove straight instead turning to the left. We didn't see the crest. We got stuck on the front axle. Of course, we are upset but it could happen."

2009/03/02 | 21:22 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Northern Forest

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