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Northern Forest: What they said at the Baja after SS2.

Zhiltsov: "The day's start was fine. But it was difficult to follow all "supers" which cars are much wider. Everything is under snow and the first crews made ruts which are not suitable for us, because our car is more narrow. It was hard to drive because the car was shaking, it was slippery. There were places where we were driving very slowly. I don't know what will be on the next SS."

Neshin, Mironenko's co-driver: "The track was good. There are wide places where we could drive fast. It's necessary to overcome the fear and not to be afraid of ice on the road. Two runs are left, we'll try to take into account our small mistakes and improve further."

Korolev, Solovjev's co-driver: "The day's start was fine. The service works well. As for the track, it seems slippery. On the first part of it we were trying to get used to it. On loose snow tyres slide and on the first part of our way we tried to correct our driving, then we found the right speed. We didn't have any serious problems, the road book was prepared well. Everybody is fighting. We like everything. When every crew finishes we'll see the changes made to the surface and will make some changes on the next SS."

Demyanenko, Gadasin's co-driver: "The car was damaged a little bit and it's necessary to understand the reason. We couldn't drive at our pace. We had expected some crews to catch us, but only the foreigner overtook us. I don't think we lost much time. The main thing now is to fix the car."

Misikov: "Everything is fine, though the weather changed. Everybody expected an ice surface which is good for grip, indeed it was too much snow, we had to drive in the rut. The surface was loose and the car lost traction. It was impossible to accelerate even on plain straights. Last year the average speed was over 180 km/h, this year not more than 150. We'll see, two runs are left."

Zapletal: "The SS is very good, but we were very, very slow."

Borovikov: "The day is fine, it is snowing. But the fact that the temperature is above zero makes it difficult to drive. The snow is soft, you lose the rut. Our car is narrow and we couldn't drive in the "monsters"' rut. We had to make your own rut."

B.Novitsky: "Slippery and scary. And very interesting. We'll try to speed up. We come from Ukraine and we don't have snow there, we'll learn."

Zeltins: "The track is good, much snow. Everything is OK, but today there are many crews who drive slowly. We had to overtake a lot. It's hard to do it on the narrow parts. We were driving 5 km behind two cars and couldn't overtake them. Our result could be not very good. On the next SS we are going to drive on the limit."

Skachkov: "We drove at 120 km/h, first we had one wheel punctured, at the finish another two. Probably the pressure in the tyres was wrong. Now we'll see it, we'll change the pressure. The track is very good and interesting. It was nice to drive."

Manfrinato: "Fantastic! Super! The SS is very good and fast. But we had some problems with transmission, now we'll see the reason."

Petenko: "The "Northern Forest" track is the most beautiful, the only one in the world. But as compared to last year, it's too much snow for our class. For our "Niva" the rut is a little bit wide, that's why the car was thrown from one side to another. But the track is very interesting."

Smolyavsky: "We still want to fight, but the track is very dofficult. It's very slippery and we damaged a fender a little bit. We didn't manage to turn and we went off the road, the tyres were wrong. The studs are shorter and too much snow. If it was just ice, it would be great. But there is snow on the surface and the studs don't touch the ice, the car is out of control. That's why we drove slowly."

Zhuravlev: "Sudden snow, slippery. We hit a tree. The mechanics should tell if the damages are serious. We didn't hurt."

Antsiferov: "The track is good. In Gennady Broslavsky's opinion, a famous rally driver and my co-driver, the track is excellent. It was nice to drive. It was a kind of training, we worked on some necessary things. Everything is OK, we are contented."

2009/03/02 | 21:22 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Northern Forest

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