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Northern Forest: What they said at the Baja after SS5.

Gadasin: "It's difficult to start first on the road, there is much snow, you can't see the road and yesterday's stones. The main difficulty was to see the road ahead."

Misikov: "Up to the moment everything is OK. We realised that our gap to Boris was too big to overcome it. We had to chose either to push or keep the result. Boris drove without mistakes as we did. But driving in opposite direction was quite different, because the lines made on previous day became deeper and tended to throw cars out. We have a 10 minute advantage over Mironenko, it's very good."

Neshin, Mironenko's co-driver: "The conditions and the temperature have changed, the track has become rougher. All the corners we tackled yesterday have changed, the driving line was quite different. It was harder to drive. Seems like we were slower this time. We should see the result. Too much snow and very slippery. We can't understand the car yet. Yesterday we drove fast, consistantly improved our times, and today we again started from the very beginning."

Savenko: "In general, as for the opposite direction everything was clear. On the one hand I'd like to push, on the other it's dangerous. We'll push on the second loop."

Zhiltsov: "The day's start was fine. We are driving with a big penalty that's why it's turned into a kind of training for us. We enjoyed driving on this stage without any problems. As compared to yesterday when we were driving behind three cars, today is quite different because there're the ruts that we can grip. Yesterday we couldn't drive in the ruts made by superproduction cars."

Borovikov: "Today the surface is rougher, the track is faster, the car is good for driving. We overtook one car, then it disappeared somewhere."

Zeltins: "The track is very good. It seems faster. We have the same problems, necessary to push."

Zapletal: "SS5 is excellent, very fast, now everything is ok with the engine."

Manfrinato: "SS5 is difficult and dangerous; it's difficult to hold the car on track. But despite the difficulty, it's very interesting."

Volikov: "Today it was more difficult for us compared to other cars that have more powerful engines. Now we were driving slower, Varentsov caught up with us, we corrected notes of the whole road and next time we'll be fired up."

Denisov: "The day's start was hard. I didn't expect the track to be so difficult to drive. On one place we a little bit too wide, but without any consequences. The loop was nervous. During the whole rally it was the hardest stage for me. Now we'll see our time, if we have an advantage, then we'll drive at the same pace."

2009/03/02 | 21:22 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Northern Forest

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