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Northern Forest: What they said at the Baja after SS6.

Gadasin: "The day was not difficult. Our aim is to save the front propshaft. Ruslan Misikov gave us the propshaft, but it is not new. We tried to be careful today, not to speed up in order not to damage the engine. We were driving with advantage, we tried to control the situation. On the first loop it was hard enough, we couldn't see the rut made yesterday. But on the second loop we enjoyed driving.

Actually, there are objective reasons. Firstly, a trip to Russia is not so cheap, secondly this rally goes just after Dakar. I know about 10 participants from many countries who wanted to come, but didn't have enough time to rebuild the cars after Dakar. That's why it will be necessary to ask Dakar organisers to move the dates earlier and those who want to participate next year will be able to do it.

I'm very contented. I can tell what is necessary for the car. We have enough time to correct some settings."

Mironenko: "I wanted to a winner-prizer and I did it! I don't know if I could beat Zapletal in overall. On previous loops we hit snowbank twice. While we were trying to keep on driving, Zapletal overtook us. Now we did it. In general, we are satisfied."

Misikov: "Emotions are positive,we finished and we are winner-prizers. But we wanted to win. Sport is sport, luck and success are present as well here. We managed to be leaders on two loops yesterday, on the third Boris beat us. Both we understand that it is dangerous to have the advantage. He tried to attack on the first loop, but I didn't do it. Yesterday the day was more interesting and more competitive.

There are several reasons, I think. The first one is a good driving of Boris. Unfortunately, I don't have so much time. And his car has more 100 h.p. than mine, his engine - 7000, mine - 4000."

Savenko: "It was very nice to drive today. It's good that the car. Thanks to mechanics, organisers , so amazing event! Thanks to Ruslan for the rally - he is the key person on this rally."

Volikov: "As I told before, the rally is very good. The winter forest is impressive. Actually, it's the rally of engines as there are a lot of straight lines, and unfortunately we are not competitive. But we are satisfied. Probably, we won something. We'll see the results. We'll participate once again with pleasure."

Varentsov: "The "Northern forest" baja is a good organization, safety of high-level. But "Northern Forest" is a dangerous rally because it's slippery. The first loops are difficult, then it doesn't matter. We are lucky to finish, the car is not damaged and we are unhurt. Everything is fine."

Vilcans: "We were driving with flashlights on because there was a leak in rear dampers and it was difficult to drive. The result seems ok. We fulfilled only 10% from that we had planned. The reason is on the first day we had only rear wheel drive, we lost too much time; on the second day one driveshaft failed. Then twice we hit a tree. The rally was hard for us. We are satisfied with the track, but there was no information from the HQ. It is not good for the international rally."

Manfrinato: "Most of all we liked the third day. Of course, we had some problems, but we did really enjoy the rally."

Brants: "It's a good school for me. I finished though I was driving through the forest. I'm contented. The rally is difficult, but interesting."

Fast: "We caught up with a car, gave a signal through Sentinal system to pull over. The track was wide enough but with high snowbanks. The vehicle in front of us scared, braked hard and hit the snowbank, the car stopped across the road and we had nothing to do but to be stuck behind."

Khismatullin: "A lot of emotions. I had to overcome fear, because I'm just a beginner. The co-driver told how to drive on the track and then we drove faster. On the second loop I was 15 minute faster than on the previous one. It's a very good result. To drive well it is necessary to gain more experience. I want to and I will drive much!"

2009/03/02 | 21:22 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Northern Forest

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