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OiLibya Rally 2009 Special-Newssection (FIA Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the OiLibya Rally 2009, second round of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

OiLibya Rally: Before the start, a passion Rally, a magic adventure.

The 2009 Rally OiLibya of Tunisia will happen in the heart of big spaces through the Tunisian and Libyan ergs. Placed under the sign of sand, this edition will be magical with the quality of a completely track renewed and with the show offered. On 4,500 km, the race will offer all the diversity of Africa with 11 stages of high requirements. A good technic of driving, a sharpened direction of navigation and a perfect management of a race will be two of many key elements to reach its ambitions. Professionals and amateurs will be able to find the good rythm to take advantage of each moment.

First step of the FIA Cross-Country World Cup and second step of the FIM World Championships for bikes and atv, the 2009 Rally OiLibya of Tunisia will allow all competitors to express their driving talents ans demonstrate their off-road successful navigation. Alongside the "traditional" rally categories, NPO has maintained the "Open Class" (Autos/Trucks with basic preparation) category, and, for the first time ever, will count towards the "Bowler Wildcat Trophy".

After enjoying the Mediterranean costs, not far from Tunis, let’s go through the desert, with six stages in Tunisia and four in Libya. From the second day, which is very technical, the drivers will be enjoy a sinuous way in the forest. The following days the rally will pass gradually the reliefs to sand. Gravelled small tracks of mountain will alternate with sandy tracks and others passages. This first part on the Tunisian field, will appear very technical, without any off road passages. To keep watching over will be important avoid all traps.

While entering on the Libyan territory, the rally will change to leave the place to vasts of sand. For the ones who will have successfully pass over, sand will become the only judge, in particular during the marathon stage.

Indeed, for a total immersion in the spirit of a African raid, the competitors will participate at a true marathon stage of 850 kilometers over two days. It will be the time to enjoy a bivouac between drivers, without the service teams, reiters the trunks motor bikes. The race management will become essential for the professionals as for the amateurs. In reward, a stage 100% off track through the dunes of Oubari erg and the discovery of five lakes, surprouned by the dunes. Sand, from the morning to the evening as far as the eye can see.

The stage to be back in Tunisia, in the area of Ksar Ghilane, will seem to a true African stage with a course off track on 50% of the track . Before last day, between Ksar Ghilane and Tozeur, won’t be a easy with many crossings and off track in very soft dunes. The arrival on "the chott" will be a "relief". Finally, the very last stage will be made by two loops around Tozeur, with a service park of 30 minutes between the two rounds. Show guaranted for all the guests who will have joined the rally.

The road connections will be voluntary limited: six stages will leave and arrive from to the bivouac without using the tar. Regarding the daily course of the service vehicles, the numbers of kilometers has been re-examined and reduced considerably and will be carried out entirely on asphalt roads. The 2009 edition will require high level of driving, but will remain accessible for all. In the case of missing waypoints or mechanical mistakes, time penalties will be inflicted but not off race decisions. Each competitor will be able to start the following day: the 2009 Rally OiLibya of Tunisia remains a Rally Raid 100% pleasure. In you give up, the motor bikes will be conveyed by NPO towards Tunis and the drivers who wish it, will be transported for free bivouac in bivouac to follow the end of the rally.

The 2009 Rally OiLibya of Tunisia will be disputed by drivers coming from all the horizons. Tunisia will be honor with Karim Dilou, World Champion of the Cross-Country Rallys 2008 in ATV and he will play against the Russian and French pilots. Cars, bikes or trucks, a high amount of nationality will be represented: France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Tunisia, Libya, Australia, South Africa, Russia… and in Emirates Arabes.

Since always, the safety is a priority for NPO. All means settle of to affront the desert traps, are always very largely exceeding the necessary minimum to ensure the safety of the competitors. In complement of the Irritrack systems (geographical positioning in real time and satellite telephone link with the PC chases), and Sentinel (alarm of going beyond), all the bikes and atv will be set up, gracefully by NPO, of a ELT (Emergency Locator transmitter).

32 vehicles of organization will ensure the staff and official transler, while buses will transfer the press staff and the production line team TV between the bivouac. A little more than 150 people will be involved in the organization, including more than 20 doctors to cover the field, 4 vehicles 4x4 provided with health care, 1 bike "Friends" (motor bikes controlled by A&E doctors, more especially charged to frame the bikers), 3 helicopters, 2 planes, 2 PC chase 24/24H, 2 Advanced medical posts, 1 balas truck, CP vehicles, the vehicles of supply, etc… Without forgetting the invaluable contest of the Tunisian and Libyan military forces who will get busy to take care of the rally.

A race in the race - the "Bowler Wildcat Trophy" 2009. This trophy is for competitors entering with a wheel of a Bowler Wildcat and is above all a race within a race. It’s a time for all competitors to evaluate themselves and play in the same final rank. It’s a strong, friendly fight but the spirit of assisting others remains a priority. At all the competitions counting for the Wildcat Trophy the best drivers in the general ranking are rewarded by with prizes (cups + prize money). At the end of the season, when all the rounds are completed, the final rank designates the driver who will be awarded the trophy of the best driver of the year. In 2008, Patrick Syrejol came just ahead of Jérôme Pélichet. For the 2009 Rally OiLibya of Tunisia, Wildcat Trophy entrants benefit from certain advantages, specifically a 1,000 euros discount on the entrance fees for its Rally category. The top three in the trophy rank will be reward by cups and cash prizes to be used for NPO events.

In addition to its traditional "clean camps" actions, NPO will ensure for the very first time that polluting emissions are 200% compensated. All carbon emissions from all the organisers’ vehicles (cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, etc.) will be compensated by the participation in a re-forestation project. Competitors will be made aware of this problem and will have the opportunity to compensate for their own carbon emissions (using numbers based on fuel consumption and tyre changes). All participating vehicles will be "Nature Approved" certified and will bear a specific logo. An simple and efficient operation .

Dates to remind

20th April: Boarding vehicles on the Carthage at Marseille, administrative checks on board
21st and 22nd April 2009: Technical scrutineering in Tunis
22nd April: "Super-spéciale" on the beach
23rd April au 2 Mai 2009: 10 Stages
2nd May 2009: Prize Giving night ceremony

2009/04/16 | 17:16 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Lidye Arpizou

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