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OiLibya Rally 2009 Special-Newssection (FIA Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the OiLibya Rally 2009, second round of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

OiLibya Rally: Course of the Rally OiLibya of Tunisia 2009.

Wednesday 22nd of April (Tunisia)

Stage 01: La Marsa
Super Special 1,5 km
Sea, stress and fun

For the Super Special, the rally OiLibya of Tunisia looks like "The Touquet" race without a similar start but with an exotic landscape: Trees, eucalyptus, bougainvillées - and hot sand! The course will be signpost with arrows and easy navigation (if we keep the sea on its left). First traps for drivers with water holes, Small dunes and soft sand. Be careful to keep the stress of this first stage under control. The public will add some pressure onto competitors and the time of this stage will be taken into account for the final rank. Motors start two a side for a 5 kilometers of race. Cars and trucks start one after another.

Thursday 23rd of April (Tunisia)

Stage 2: Tunis - Oued Mellah: 561 km
Road connection: 216 km, Special 2: 250 km - Road Connection: 95 km
Rally in the forest

After an early road connection morning link to "The Kef", the rally starts in a forest. Narrow trails, lots of direction changes, in a mountain landscape, along the border. Then, the course becomes different, still technical but more speed. A special, which will make happy slide (between the trees) fans. Drivers good in navigation will enjoy the course. Eye pleasure guaranteed.

Friday 24th of April (Tunisia)

Stage 3: Oued Mellah - Ras El Qued: 365 km
Transfer: 9 km - Special 3: 356 km
The train at the meeting

The start will be done in a large speedy area between the mountains. Once you cross the train rails, the field changes and becomes really hard with lots of traps to go through because the rally is just starting. The trails become sandier close to the pipeline. The day finishes by a narrow passage in the mountains.

Saturday 25th of April (Tunisia/ Libya)

Stage 4: Ras el Oued - Derj: 582 km
Transfer: 2 km - Special 4: 288 km - Road connection: 292 km
Colorado Express

Canyons and Outback landscapes, with several hills for a start. Then, we start the high speed without closing the eyes because it will be a bumpy road. There will be a lot of navigations on these trails. It is the first day for off roads. To finish, 20 km really speedy will satisfy the drivers. Then, the rally leaves Tunisia to cross the Libyan border and to go to Derj.

Sunday 26th of April (Libya)

Stage 5: Derj - Oubari: 624 km
Road connection: 61 km- Special 5 Marathon D1: 563 km
Lonely onto the stage

Derj-Oubari is the longest special of all Tunisian rallies. Without service at night; this is the basis of a marathon stage. Before taking a rest at the bivouac, competitors will start early in the morning by a speedy road connection. At the sunrise, first riders will start onto the special. The racetrack will have low visibility, including speed zones and bumpy areas. An off road in the same direction and the first erg will come up. The start is easy, between big dunes and plateau. At the middle of the stage, the next erg is really harder with high dunes but still possible to pass over.

Low numbers of traps in the navigation to find back an old racetrack, which will reduce the speed and will finish on a hard sandy plateau: beautiful landscape, we can go fast during 30 km. The pleasure is guaranteed but be careful because the off road becomes really bad and changes in a soft sandy road.

Close to the third erg, dunes will be higher. You need to take some speed and never cut, using the top of the dunes. Slowly you will progress to the top-no way to change roads-you have to pass over every hills, cross the plateau and pass over another hill. At this game, gaps will become important. To reward everyone, there will be a high and speedy off road to join the bivouac.

Monday 27th of April (Libya)

Stage 6: Oubari - Brack: 418 km
Special 6 Marathon D2: 308 km - Road connection: 110 km
Six lakes!

Today, stage is 100% sandy. Really speedy at its start, really technical for the rest of the day. The landscape is incredible, awesome dunes and the sand sometimes really soft: it is a stage for strong brave drivers. Today again, bypass is forbidden. The only solution: pass over the hills. Navigators will have work for the whole day to find the six lakes lost in the sand ocean. You can have a swim but the water is very salt. For some of the drivers, this short stage in kilometers may be long for some of the competitors. An indication...when you see the back mountain, go head, you got it !

Tuesday 28th of April (Libya)

Stage 7: Brack - Quaryat: 410 km
Special 7: 397 km - Road connection: 13 km
On the trail of lost volcanoes

It is a big day for amateurs of beautiful images. The nature offers you its best profile, with an awesome landscape. Be careful, you need to have an accurate speed to enjoy the post card landscape: sandy hills, old volcanoes, rocks- To be patient and the right decision in the navigation will be rewarded on the first part of the stage. Then, drivers will be able to drive though 280 kilometers on a very funny racetrack.

Wednesday 29th of April (Libya/Tunisia)

Stage 8: Quaryat - Oueni: 501 km
Road connection: 30 km - Special 8: 365 km - Road connection: 106 km
Race in the mountains

We quit the sand to get back on rock trails with narrow hill tops, big canyons and speedy plateau. Technical or really speedy, racetrack will create dust cloods. The several trails similar to the main one will help to overtake on other competitors. The navigation can become risky, flat can occur. The stage of the day will bring the smartest decions on the first plan for the win. End of the day will be really speedy, then road connection on tar to come back to Tunisia.

Thursday 30th of April (Tunisia)

Stage 9: Oueni - Ksar Ghilane: 283 km
Transfer: 6 km- Special 9: 275 km - Transfer: 2km
The day of the lord

The fight starts in the mountains, sandy racetracks. Bit by bit, when sand dunes start, we can loose a lot of time to look after the right way. Great off road in the erg of Jenein , then racetracks more rolling between the Forts. Here it is the pipeline of El borma again ! That’s the signal: the game is becoming harder, is beginning more physical with fast racetracks cut by sandy transition which get you down, and make you doubt. Fortunately, hot headwaters of Ksar Ghilane rewards brave people !

Friday 1st of May (Tunisia)

Stage 10: Ksar Ghilane - Tozeur: 354 km
Transfer: 2 km- Special 10: 313 km - Road connection: 39 km
The piece of bravery

Here, the rally can change radically. Far away the idea that it is a stage of transition to the pleasures of Tozeur, the penultimate day must be decisive because anyone will get lost in the white dunes or the chotts will may lost the rally!

The program includes, navigation, piloting, dunes crossing, racetracks with sandy transitions, trappy areas (stay in the trace or be prepared to camp right on the spot!), passages to find, many undulations,,. forts- and the arrival in the famous sceneries of Stars Wars. Be careful, to hope to reach the stars, the shortest way don’t be the best !

Saturday 2nd of May (Tunisia)

Stage 11: Tozeur - Tozeur: 194 km
Transfer: 14 km - Special 11 (2 boucles 81 et 73 km): 154 km - Road connection: 26 km
The last one

The rally finishes by a stage really speed, in two circles. A trappy chott, off road in the camel grass, sandy and technical trails: the rally program will bring lots of variety. Betwenn the two tours, a stop can be made for service operations, meeting with guests, press and a second tour to pass over at NEFTA the final line.

With 3.274 km of selective sectors, 11 stages, and a variety of field crossed, the Rally OiLibya of Tunisia 2009 will offer an adventure and a sportive competition. The spirit of Cross country rally is finally back!

The shortest special: Super Special - La Marsa - 5 km
The longest special: Special 5 - 1st part of the marathon stage - 563 km
Shortest stage: Stage 11 - Tozeur/ Tozeur: 194 km
The longest stage: Stage 5 - Derj/ Oubari: 624 km
Total selective sectors: 3 274 km
Total Links: 988 km
Total Transfers: 35 km
Total Rally: 4 297 km

2009/04/21 | 23:36 CET | Editor: MR/HS/NPO

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