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OiLibya Rally 2009 Special-Newssection (FIA Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the OiLibya Rally 2009, second round of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

OiLibya Rally: Despres and Chicherit are fastest on SS8.

The eighth stage sees a change in the overall lead in the motocycle class. Cyril Despres retakes the lead by nearly 9 minutes over Marc Coma, who suffered from tyre problems. The Frenchman is smiling again! In the 450 category Olivier Pain also had a good day, posting the 4th fastest time and pulling back precious time on Luca Manca and the current class leader, Bruno Da Costa. In the quads Lionel Laine sets the pace ahead of Camelia Liparoti and Karim Dilou.

In the cars Guerlain Chicherit wins for the second time in his BMW X3 ahead of Nicolas Misslin and Jean-Louis Schlesser. The extremely small gaps change nothing overall, the Argentinean Orlando Terranova keeps his lead ahead of Christian Lavieille and Leonid Novitskiy. In the trucks Alain Coquelle once again wins in front of Frederic Coudereau and Sylvain Besnard.

Just before crossing the border between Libya and Tunisia the competitors tackled a special stage of 365 kilometres. Bumpy to start with, and then faster over the second part, the route had a major impact on the bike rankings. Marc Coma destroyed his rear tyre, after melting his mousse and crossed the line on his wheel rim. Cyril Despres seized the occasion to
retake the overall lead by almost 9 minutes over the Spaniard.

Cyril Despres: I started 4th this morning and took it relatively easy. At km 80 I came up behind Chaleco and Viladoms and took thirty kilometres to get past them. At the refuelling CP at km 200 Jordi had already melted his mousse. A hundred kilometres further on Marc stopped to see how his was doing. From there I passed in front and attacked as hard as I could. You can’t really talk about tactics, more a series of favourable circumstances. Lady Luck was with me today. Let’s hope she sticks around for a while!

Pal Anders Ullevalseter posted the 2nd fastest time ahead of Coma, while David Casteu, another victim of tyre problems, also finished the special on the rim far behind the winner.

Overall the Team Vectra rider is now in 6th place. The young Olivier Pain in the 450 class, as yesterday, outclassed his rivals, posting the fourth fastest time and pulling back twelve or so minutes. Overall in the 450 class Bruno Da Costa holds on to the lead followed by Luca Manca, Olivier Pain and the Tunisian Anis Nabli, putting in a fine performance on home soil.

On the quads the Frenchman Lionel Laine once again posts the best time ahead of the Tunisian Karim Dilou and the Italian Camelia Liparoti. Dominating the category Lionel leads ahead of Camelia and Karim. The Russian Vladimir Marugov is now far behind, after numerous mechanical problems, but continues his race.

In the cars Guerlain Chicherit wins the stage for the second time since the start of the rally. Four minutes behind, Nicolas Misslin, very at ease on this type of terrain in his Mitsubishi MPR13, finished second, ahead of the buggies of Jean-Louis Schlesser and Pascal Thomasse. Opening the piste this morning Eric Vigouroux saw ‘two missiles’, Terranova and Novitskiy, tear past, just before they both punctured.

Overall, unlike in the motorcycle class, no big changes. Orlando Terranova is comfortably in the lead ahead of Christian Lavieille and Leonid Novitskiy. It was however a festival of punctures with two for Chicherit, one for Misslin, one for Novitskiy, one for Lavieille and one for Terranova. Only the buggies escaped.

In T2 another victory for the Russian Artem Varentsov ahead of Michele de Nora and Christian Barbier - an exact copy of their overall positions.

The Tunisien Ludovic Leloup continued to impress, holding 10th place overall, all alone in his Toyota. Congratulations also to Hend Chahouch, only lady driver in the car class, very happy to be back on Tunisian soil in 20th place, just ahead of compatriot Ghilene Baaziz.

In the Wildcat Trophy Jerome Pelichet is still in the lead ahead of Eric Morin and the Italian Roberto Tonetti. In the trucks, after Sylvain Besnard’s victory yesterday, today it was the turn of Alain Coquelle still the leader overall, who wins ahead of Frederic Coudereau.

Tomorrow, direction Ksar Ghilane, a stage of 283 kilometres, 275 of which are special. The battle will start between the mountains, over a sandy piste. Little by little the rocks will give way to dunes, with the main challenge being to find the right way through. Then off-piste in the Erg de Jenein, followed by rolling piste between the forts. Finally the El Borma pipeline will see the race become more physical with fast pistes cut by sand tongues. Fortunately the hot springs of Ksar Ghilane await the competitors.

2009/04/30 | 15:26 CET | Editor: MR/NPO/Rita Konya

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