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OiLibya Rally 2009 Special-Newssection (FIA Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the OiLibya Rally 2009, second round of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

OiLibya Rally: Interview with Eric Vigouroux before the start.

MR: "Eleven days of race, and 3274 of it as timed section. The rally of Tunisia 2009 - now called OiLibya Rally - is being announced like a very rough race. How are you going to take it?"

Vigouroux: "I am very excited with the idea of getting back to the deserts of Tunisia and Libya, the favorite terrains of this sport. We will ride in the desert from the beginning until the end, with a very few kilometers in connection and long special stages. That is what I really like of this kind of race, but it is not about running like crazy, we must race with our heads."

MR: "The organizers have planned, in Libya, a marathon stage with 1042 kms of special in two days, without assistance in between. What do you think about it?"

Vigouroux: "This stage recalls us what it is to face a real rally raid, where the endurance is the most important thing of all. We cannot take it as a simple thing, but I trust in our capacities and those of our mechanics."

MR: "What do you fear from your contestants?"

Vigouroux: "This year, the competition is particularly high, and it promises an awesome race. There are initially five factory protos, three BMX X3CC of X-Raid Team, and both Mitsubishi MPR13 of JMB-Stradale. Jean-Louis Schlesser with his new buggy with a Porsche engine, and Christian Lavieille, with his Dessoude, they also have vehicles with equivalent performances to our Trophy Truck. At the starting line we are not the richest team, but we will give the best of ourselves, with the means that are ours. The length of the race will be one of our best assets, because the experiment of managing all difficulties will be vital."

MR: "Tell us, what are the improvements of the Trophy Truck since last year?"

Vigouroux: "We have almost the same car we had during the last edition of Tunisia's Rally, but this time we added some more power, after some work in the workshops of origin in USA. We improved and made a reliable integrated inflation-deflating system, we also worked on aerodynamics, as well as the engine, from now on dry sump."

MR: "And how is made up your assistance team?"

Vigouroux: "We have a 4x4 truck, with a perfect balance of nationalities of our mechanics: two French and two Americans. I hope the mixture of cultures will be effective."

MR: "Will Toyo Tires will be your "tire" sponsor and partner?"

Vigouroux: "We are very proud to carry out the colors of Toyo Tires, which in spite of a difficult economic context did not hesitate to give us its support, and redoubles the effort in the field of communications. With this manufacturer, it is a history without fault since the Dakar 2006, and a beautiful continuity, including our participation on the last Dakar in Robby Gordon's Team USA. Toyo Tires provides us tires Open Country M/T-R, in 37x13.5, which have shown their aptitude and resistance on the most demanding tracks on several occasions."

MR: "With the number 300, your Trophy Truck is the first one of the car competitors list."

Vigouroux: "It is a great honor, and this first position is due to our statute of priority driver from the FIA, and also because of our second place on last year's rally. Once the Super Special starts, on the beach of the gulf of Tunis next Wednesday afternoon, all media will be focused on us."

2009/04/21 | 14:09 CET | Editor: MR/HS

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