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OiLibya Rally 2009 Special-Newssection (FIA Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the OiLibya Rally 2009, second round of the FIA Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

OiLibya Rally: Lavieille imperial against the opposition in SS5.

This first part of the marathon stage caused plenty of damage to both the two- and four-wheeled competitors. Among the cars, the French Christian Lavieille claimed a magnificent stage win, ahead of the three factory BMW cars and the "desert fox" Jean-Louis Schlesser. The Dessoude Proto gobbled up the 563 km timed stage in magnificent style. After a hard landing from a jump, Joseph Rosso’s codriver, Eric Leblanc, is suffering from back pain. The situation is not serious, but Eric and Joseph were forced to withdraw from the event.

Derj-Oubari was the longest special stage in the history of the Rally of Tunisia. And all without any assistance this evening, due to the marathon stage rules. Dunes to cross, plenty of sand, tricky navigation - a whole range of difficulties. Fourth yesterday behind the X-Raid BMWs, Christian Lavieille put in a superb performance today behind the wheel of his Nissan Dessoude Proto N05. Arnaud Debron deserves congratulations as well, having done a remarkable job throughout this difficult leg.

"I am really delighted; it was a superb stage and this time, we put everything together and claimed the stage win. We got stuck in the sand once, but I had the benefit of my co-driver’s experience in the dunes. He was fantastic! Considering how long and difficult this stage was, the win is undoubtedly the best of my career, especially considering the fine competition we were up against."

André Dessoude was also very proud of this result: "Christian put in a relatively careful performance while keeping a good pace. He had one puncture, and got beached once, but I think the others had more problems. Wisdom won the day. Now he has to be careful tomorrow, as the next three days will be difficult. He has to take care of the car and needs to drive at his own pace, without worrying about the others. The marathon stage has calmed down quite a few people, who need to take care of their vehicles."

Joseph Rosso broke his transmission yesterday, and then had lots of problems crossing the sand banks. He lost a lot of time. This morning, on leaving, he was rather grumpy and put himself under pressure. You need to keep your cool."

Tomorrow will be 100% sand. Very fast to start with, then extremely technical for the rest of the day. The scenery is incredible, the dunes breath-taking and the sand often very soft: This will be a stage for the heavyweights, for those who push hard, for the courageous. The only way to get through is to cross the highest dunes. The best technique is the same as for today : get a run up, plenty of torque and read the terrain correctly. The navigators will have plenty of work in order to find the six lakes hidden in this ocean of sand. Swimming is allowed, but the water is very salty ! For some, this short stage could take quite a long time.

Classification SS 5

01) Lavieille/Debron (F/F) I Nissan Dessoude Proto I 06:27:03 I 00:00:00
02) Thomasse/Larroque (F/F) I MD Rally Buggy I + 00:00:23
03) Terranova/Palmeiro (AR/PR) I X-Raid BMW X3CC I + 00:01:27
04) Chicherit/Thorner (F/S) I X-Raid BMW X3CC I + 00:10:37
05) Novitskiy/Tyupenkin (RUS/RUS) I X-Raid BMW X3CC I + 00:44.04
06) Schlesser/Forthomme (F/F) I Porsche-Buggy I + 00:56:11

2009/04/27 | 15:33 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Lidye Arpizou

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