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Oman Desert Express: French Amateur Rally starts in February 2006.

With just some months to go before the start of the new rally-raid Oman Desert express Quest, from February 24 to March 5, 2006 in the Sultanate of Oman, preparations to make this auspicious first an unforgettable event, are fully underway. Here’s a brief overview of the latest news about partners, course and vehicles...

"Swiss Balance" and "Raid Gauloises Fashion" join the Club of Sponsors for the Oman Desert express Quest. Renowned throughout the whole as leading cosmetic brand, the Swiss company, Swiss Balance, is embarking on the adventure of the Oman Desert express Quest with the establishment not only of a general partnership in the event but also the creation of a trophy designed to honour the best female crew. This partnership is aimed at supporting the establishment of its products in the Middle East, with the Group Pankash Kimji as sole distributor.

In the same vein, Raid Gauloises Fashion, the celebrated brand of stylish urban-adventure wear which draws its values and flair from the mythical expeditionary event of the same name, is lending its support to the Oman Desert express Quest. An instinctive alliance for two companies that share the same values: adventure, freedom, accessibility, technicality and originality...

Fast ochre tracks in the middle of the desert... Passages on ergs dotted with grass and camels... Multiple off-road stretches... Drives across splendid white-sand beaches bathed by the turquoises waters of the Indian Ocean... Mountain passes up to 2,200m high... Star spangled bivouacs in the heart of the dunes... 2,400 km of challenging competition, adventure and discovery in the heart of an untouched nature. This is the promise of Jean-Louis Dronne, Sporting Director of the Oman Desert express Quest, who last October drew up the course for the 2006 edition. An electrifying prospect accessible to all, professionals and initiated amateurs alike, but by no means easy!

The teams of two vehicles will have to display many qualities to tackle the multiple topography of the course as the attempt to contact all the waypoints while accumulating the lowest mileage:

> Intelligent racing: the shortest distance on the meter will not necessarily be a straight line. And the first home will not necessarily be the winners. Raw speed doesn’t count in the ranking.

> Navigational abilities: competitors progress via some GPS points and a choice of route drawn uniquely from the map of the Sultanate of Oman provided by the organization.

> Driving skills: numerous erg and dune passages on the program with the inevitable risk of getting stuck in the sand!

> Race management: total autonomy for 6 days (water, food, tent, sleeping bag...) and little or no assistance!

> "Raid Ready" 4X4 vehicles

An all-in fee of 4,000 Euros per person, including a "raid ready" 4X4. A formula that should allow anyone with a taste for adventure, professionals and amateurs alike, to take part in the Oman Desert express Quest. The preparation of competitor vehicles (Toyota, Nissan Patrol, Nissan Pick Up...) is currently fully underway: testing of shock absorbers, fitting of rollover bars... Everything is being done to ensure that competitors are equipped with comfortable and safety optimised vehicles! Throughout the race, all vehicles will be monitored 24hours a day by satellite, thanks to the Iritrack System, in order to preserve the safety of the teams and the respect of control schedules.

For any further information and registration please visit the official webseite [ ] or call [ Phone +33 1 60 75 71 14 ].

2006/01/25 I 15:21 CET I Editor:

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