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Optic 2000 Tunisia 2007 Special-Newssection (FIM Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Optic 2000 Tunisia Rally 2007, 1st round of the FIM Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Optic Tunisia: The 2007 Optic Tunisia Rally with no manufacturer teams.

The FIA has regulated the FIA Marathonrally Worldcup more than ever - the results are: Manufacturer Teams like Mitsubishi or Volkswagen could only start with their 2007-Dakar-Cars (and are not allowed to upgrade them for two years), for smaller Teams the "must" to drive in Argentina/Chile (Por las Pampas Rally) and at the UAE Desert Challenge (Dubai) makes it more expensive - and they don´t have to break their cars, because the time between the both rallies is not enough to rebuilt them...

So the organizers of the Optic 2000 Tunisia Rally decided to withdrawel from the FIA-Status and not to open the 2007 FIA Marathonrally Worldcup season - to make the rally interesting for the Manufacturer Teams and less expensive for the competitors. But it did not help - Volkswagen and Mitsubishi are not participating in Tunisia. The first time in the Optic Tunisia Rally history the first leg will be driven at the French Island "Corsica".

But the competitors-list for the cars and trucks is interesting - even without the big Manufacturers Teams. In front of the rally there could be a interesting match between the French Jean-Louis Schlesser (Schlesser Ford Buggy), the Brasilian Paulo Nobre in his X-Raid BMW and his Ex-Teammate, the Spaniard Jose-Louis Monterde, who wants to start in a South African built Nissan Navara.

Perfect for the fast tracks are also the several French SMG Gache Buggies, which will be piloted by the Polish Lukasz Komornicki, the French ex-Freeclimbing Worldchampion Isabelle Patissier and Teamleader Phillipe Gache himself in a single-seater Buggy. The French Eric Vigouroux profited from the new regulations, which now allow cars built after the US-American SCORE-category - he developed his Chevrolet Pickup into a Trophy-Truck and has managed to make this a multi-purpose vehicle over any ground. If it proves reliable, surprises will happen.

The biggest lineup will be coming from Nissan - and especially the French Nissan Dessoude Team. 2006´ Worldchampion (T2) Christian Lavieille, Jean-Pierre Strugo (France), Madalena Antas (Portugal), Laurent Rosso (Dubai), Paul Belmondo and more decided to start with Nissan while Dominique Housieaux (France), Francisco Inocencio (Portugal) or Pedro Manuel Grancha (Portugal) trust more in their Mitsubishi.

There will be 5 Bowler Wildcat 200 on the Optic 2ooo Tunisia Rally, piloted by Patrick Sireyjol, Patrice Combe, Jerome Pelichet, Edmond Pelichet and Thierry Ruyselaar (all France). For the NPO Organisation Patrick Sireyjol should be the most remarkable competitors of this "made in Britain" rallycar. From Latvia there will be one OSCar, piloted by Janis Naglis - and there are also 6 Teams from the inviting Tunisia. All about 45 cars and three trucks (Elisabete Jacinto from Portugal, Jean-Francois Padovani and Michel Salvatore, both from France) will participate.

In the motobikes section the 2007 Optic 2000 Tunisia will open the 2007 FIM Marathonrally Worldcup for Bikes Season - 47 bikes will start at April 1st, including big names like Marc Coma, David Casteu (both France), Jazek Czachor (Poland), Janis Vinters (Latvia) or Oscar Polli (Italy) are participanting. will report daily from the 2007 Optic Tunisia Rally with news, standings and pictures.

The Optic Tunisia Rally 2007 route

Leg 1 / April 1st: Propriano-Propriano (Corsica) - 176 Km

* Liaison: Propriano - Bocca d’Illarata 53 Km
* Special: Bocca d’Illarata - Tagliu 22 Km
* Liaison: Tagliu Rossu - Pascialella 34 Km
* Special: Pascialella - Pont de Curgia 30 Km
* Liaison: Pont de Curgia - Propriano 37 Km

Leg 2 / April 2nd: Tunis-Douz (Tunisia) - 506 Km

* Liaison: Tunis - El Fahs 88 Km
* Special: El Fahs - Barrage de Nabahama 25 Km
* Liaison: Barrage de Nabahama - Douz 393 Km

Leg 3 / April 3rd: Douz-El Borma (Tunisia) - 466 Km

* Liaison: Douz - El Faouar 43 Km
* Special: El Faouar - Pipeline Pist 341Km
* Liaison: Pipeline Pist - El Borma 82 Km

Leg 4 / April 4th: El Bora-El Borma (Tunisia) - 286 km

* Liaison: Bivouac / Start of the Special 3 km
* Special: El Borma - El Borma 262 Km
* Liaison: Arrival of Special / Bivouac 21 Km

Leg 5 / April 5th: El Borma-Nekrif (Tunsia) - 338 km

* Liaison: Bivouac / Départ de Spéciale 12 Km
* Special: El Borma - Oum Zougar 312 Km
* Liaison: Oum Zougar - Remada 14 Km

Leg 6 / April 6th: Nekrif-Matmata (Tunisia) - 344 km

* Liaison: Remada - Start of the Special 7 Km
* Special: Nekrif - Techine 316 Km
* Liaison: Techine - Matmata 21 Km

Leg 7 / April 7th: Matmata-Matmata (Tunisia) - 339 km

* Liaison: Matmata - Techine 21 Km
* Special: Techine - Bir Negra 273 Km
* Liaison: Bir Negra - Matmata 45 Km

Leg 8 / April 8th: Matmata-Tozeur (Tunsisia) - 353 km

* Liaison: Matmata - Matmata Nouvelle 34 Km
* Special: Matmata Nouvelle - Star Wars 276 Km
* Liaison: Star Wars - Tozeur 43 Km

2007/03/27 | 10:42 CET | Editor: MR/HS

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