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Orpi Morocco is now called Rally Guy Hoquet Morocco.

Following the Optic 2ooo Tunisia Rally 2007, Cyril Neveu from the organising company NPO is now working to organize the Morocco Rally, which will take place from September 24th to 30th around two stage towns in the south of the country. Just back from Tunisia where the 19th NPO edition of the Tunisia Optic 2ooo Rally and the new Tunisia Desert Tracking were held and which were successful events according to all its actors, Cyril Neveu and his staff get back to work to organize the Morocco Rally.

Because of the postpone of the Rally from the beginning of June to the end of September the Morocco Rally will take place during the Pharaons Rally in Egypt - a badly decision of the NPO, because in the past the Pharaons Rally was the more interesting and press-covered event. As a consequence the Motorbike-Foundation FIM decided, to to except the Morocco Rally from the FIM Cross Country Worldcup.

The company Orpi will not back the event any longer. After this decision, the first thing to do was to find a new major sponsor. Thanks to the Business agency, this mission has been completed since the national real estate office group Guy Hoquet will be the new major partner. So the Morocco Rally becomes the Guy Hoquet Morocco Rally.

The second stage in the organization deals with the features of the Rally. "We are working on many features which should make this Morocco Rally even more attractive" says Cyril Neveu. "In September we benefit from mild temperatures and are able to have more conveniences to move in the extreme south of Morocco. So the playground will be even more varied and wider than the one we used to evolve in.

The 2007 route will also be much more sandier than the previous editions and will propose as a consequence a large range of african grounds. Moreover, when we keep in mind that the route of the Rally takes a large part of the tracks of the Dakar, we can easily think that the Morocco Rally will be a life-size rehearsal since it will be raced on a large part of the tracks of the ASO event.

Then, the Rally will be less nomadic than usual since it will take place around two southern moroccan towns. In other words, two base camps will be established with hotels for the competitors so that they will be comfortably lodged and will be able to recharge their batteries after each of the six stages.

The assistances will profit largely from this economic device in term of cost and labour. It will also be an excellent opportunity for the competitors to be accompanied by their wives or to share these moments with possible partners. Also, we have studied and re-examined the different competitors and assistance prices which will profit of a discount from 10 to 40 % from last year budget.

At last, evolutions in the sports and technical regulations will make up a step forward as it was the case this year on the Optic 2ooo Tunisia Rally. On the sports aspect, we will cancel the race exclusions due to missed CP's, a measure unanimously approved in Tunisia since some competitors sentenced to stop were allowed to start again with penalties.

On the technical aspect, we will apply the regulation of the last Dakar once again. By doing so, we will allow some competitors out of the World Cup due to technical reasons to partcipate in the Guy Hoquet Morocco Rally and to train a last time before the great adventure of the beginning of the season. The cherry on the cake in the car as in the bike category is the costs of the licences. Indeed, they will be cut to allow the competitors to subscribe directly with both Moroccan Federations."

2007/05/11 | 14:07 CET | Editor: MR/HS/NPO

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