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Pharaons 2009: Organizer JVD unveiled the route for 2009 rally.

The route of the Pharaons Rally 2009 has taken shape between March and April. The scouts team of JVD International has worked hard to find new and interesting areas over the line North-South followed this year. You could call it the Oasis route, the track 2009 will in fact touches the main "water points" of the Western Desert, going through Baharija, Dakhla, Abu Mingar and Sitra.

Almost three thousand kilometres of race, shared in seven legs with few transfers as the Pharaons tradition tells. Great novelty for the next October edition is the "Grand Prix" organized at the Start of the fourth leg. A loop of 32 kilometres to run two times, with a lined start. First of all the bikes, then the cars will challenge side by side on the Abu Mingar plan, in order to win the prizes for the many categories.

The 2009 route shows the whole variety of grounds typical of the JVD International race, an on-going shift of landscapes and tracks difficult to find in other races. Here following a short outline of the seven legs starting on October 4th from the unique frame of the Giza Pyramids.

SS1: Cairo - Baharija 414 km (60+329+25)

A classic Pharaons stage to exit Cairo toward Baharija, after a transfer of sixty kilometres in order to leave the city. Ground is the usual one, mix of sand and stones, wavy and flowing. Already the first day we taste the dunes toward half leg, with a very soft stretch that could thrill those who think that the first day is only warming up.

SS2: Baharija - Dakhla 438 km (4+387+47)

Start at few kilometres from the bivouac, over a sandy ground and over the famous "passport ascent". The ground changes to become mixed and rocky, then goes back over a real "sea of sand" at the very fast dune ranges which take us to the famous Tineida breathtaking descent. The second bivouac is in Dakhla.

SS3: Dakhla - Abu Mingar 359 km (2,5+339+17,5)

Start as usual not too far from the bivouac, straight over sand and dunes. After a first touch with the asphalt (every leg the race route touches the asphalt quite many times) the ground becomes rocky and wavy with oued slanting and steps crossing. To find again the sand, toward North among beautiful landscapes and dunes ranges high and impressive. We then reach the Abu Mingar oasis, final destination of a stage definitely quite demanding.

SS4 : Abu Mingar - Baharija : 435 km (320+115)

Great news at the Pharaons 2009: the Egypt Grand Prize and two selective sectors all in one stage. In front of the bivouac there will be a real GP, first bikes and quads, then cars and trucks, with a start line for two 32 km loop each of the Abu Mingar plan. In front of the bivouac, the video cameras, the cameras, a motocross round, side by side, with a prize for the winners of the many categories. After again dunes up to descend from the plateau toward Farafra. A transfer to cross the White Desert is the prelude for the second selective sector, over sandy and flowing tracks which take to Baharija.

SS5: Baharija - Sitra 388 km (4+382+2)

We start skirting the Baharija oasis, grounds are quite varied with sand, rocks, it’s wavy, smooth, straight, winding. Then there is a very fast stretch before dipping into dunes which become increasingly higher and closer to each other, quite difficult to "understand" and increasingly soft.

SS6: Sitra - Baharija 433 km (431+2)

From the start straight into the high dunes of Sitra, toward West. Passed the CP2 after a change of direction, we follow over a rocky ground for around hundred kilometres before finding again the magic sensation of pace over sand. Still hard ground to get back to Baharija oasis through a small maze of rocks.

SS7: Baharija - Cairo 397 km (4+301+92)

In order to close the twelfth edition of the Pharaons ICCR we start with a beautiful slalom among the rocks’ small hill, a real pleasure at driving, staying on a sandy ground, among outstanding landscapes. Before assistance, the last dunes’ ranges of this race, which are not the easiest ones! Then we find again the smooth tracks with many jumps up to the end of the selective sector. To get to the podium at the Pyramids, we only miss a transfer on asphalt for 90 kilometres.

For more info on dates, track and registration at the Pharaons 2009, visit the official website at [ ].

2009/05/20 | 17:18 CET | Editor: MR/HS/JVD

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