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Pharaons Rally 2007 Special-Newssection (FIM Cross Country Worldcup)

This is the single-news section of the special of the Pharaons Rally 2007, 5th round of the FIM Worldcup for Cross Country Rallys. To see all news please use the link under the article or navigate with the left main-navigation.

Pharaons Rally: Another one-two for the Repsol KTM Team in the Egyptian desert.

The Repsol KTM Team riders continue to ride better than their rivals in the Pharaohs Rally that is being held in the Egyptian desert. Today`s stage, Siwa to Sitra, saw the return of the riders towards Cairo along with the assistance trucks, the organisers and stewards in a big convoy. Approximately 1 000km separate Siwa from Cairo. Tonight the convoy will return to their beds in the bivouac in Sitra, a small lagoon situated in the middle of the desert.

Marc Coma has taken another step towards the victory in this the Pharaohs Rally. With a fast but safe pace, avoiding running any unnecessary risks, Coma won another stage in this rally this morning. This time he rode in in the company of his teammate Jordi Viladoms. The young Viladoms, winner of yesterday`s stage, was the first to start this morning. Jordi waited for Marc to start 2 minutes later, so that they could ride together. Fast tracks and dunes were the surfaces that dominanted on the first part of the special.

After refuelling at CP3, which Marc reached with a little more than a minute`s advantage over Viladoms, the tracks disappeared and the two Repsol riders, together again, tackled fast tracks that were quite dangerous, as well as a few series of dunes one after the other. Imposing a fast pace with Marc in the lead the two reached the end of the special, and so the victory went to Coma, with Viladoms two minutes behind. Third was Ullevalseter, who lost 2 minutes more to Coma and 22 seconds to Viladoms. After today`s special, Coma is at the top of the leaderboard with a 9 minute advantage over Vilacoms and 14 over Ullevalseter, third. Viladoms strengthened his second position in the overall standings, and has a 5 minute lead over Ullevalseter.

Marc Coma: "At the start of the stage we found another marked track. The last few days have been in the desert. We were able to go at a good speed, and then we reached the off road section again, where we had to open up the way again, at a slower pace and those behind us recovered a few minutes, although not enough to beat us. I think that we have the rally in our favour, there are just two more days and we have done the most important dunes. From now on we will try to be a bit more conservative."

Jordi Viladoms: "I am satisfied because today I was first out and there was a good chance of being caught. But I was able to follow Marc, and even though it was hard for me I kept up with him. Things went well for me because those behind me did not catch me; just the opposite in fact, we gained some time on them and I am pleased with that. The terrain today was a little different. We went from just dunes to a track. More or less a quarter of the special was on tracks, and I think that that was the key why those behind us did not catch us."

Jordi Arcarons, Team Manager: "Everyday that we arrive at the bivouac is a another day when we have done things well. I want to thank Jordi Viladoms the 2 minutes he waited for Marc. This is how a good team works, this gives a lot of security to Marc and to ourselves. Today the stage was very varied with a bit of everything, but as always with a good lot of dunes. The navigation was not easy as there were a lot of tyre marks from 2 or 3 days ago that were the wrong ones to follow and they could easily have made a mistake, because they were not marked in the roadbook. But we spoke about it the day before and in the end everything went very well."

Leg 5. Siwa - Sitra. 315 km - Results of the Leg

1. Marc Coma 3:20:22 seg.
2. Jordi Viladoms 3:22:22 seg.
3. Pal Anders Ullevalseter 3:22:44 seg.
4 . Francisco López 3:24:17 seg.
5. Matteo Graziani 3:31:28 seg.

Leg 5. Siwa - Sitra. 315 km - Overall Results

1. Marc Coma 18:04:36 seg.
2. Jordi Viladoms 18:13:45 seg.
3. Pal Anders Ullevalseter 18:18:48 seg.
4. Francisco López 18:21:40seg.
5. Matteo Graziani 18:46:19 seg.

2007/10/05 | 12:38 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Repsol

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