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Pharaons Rally: Bowler/QT Wildcat-Fights are going on in Egypt.

Sunrise light on Abu Mingar bivoac throwed on the sand a long shadow of 70 motorbikes aligned and ready to leave for the Pharaons Rally 2009 "Grand Prix". Two rounds, each one of 28 kilometres, scanned to the start gave by Daniele Cotto and Marco Bucci, Pharaons promoters, with an orange flare which smoke early lost in the dusty cloud raised by the motorbikes launched in the race.

Two rounds on a sandy plane with pilots "fairing", looking for the best aerodynamics, won by Cyril Despres, who arrives first at the refuelling. After the petrol tank top up, pilots continued for the first special stage of the day that was ending in Farafra with the spectacular "Fenouil slope". A transfer on asphalt to surpass the protect area of the White Desert has been the prelude for the last effort of the day, the second special stage that take the pilots back to Baharija.

Ended the first special, Despres didn’t know that his most direct opponent, Alex Zanotti from San Marino, suffered an accident 17 kilometres after the first refuelling. Aprilia’s pilot felt and suffered a cranial trauma. His conditions are luckly good and he is travelling to Cairo for the due medical tests. On Baharija winning post Cyril Depsres won at the fotofinish with three seconds on the polish Jakub Przygonski and four on Luca Manca, while Jaceck Czachor is fourth at one minute and a half.

Great round for Ivan Boano, unquestioning fifth position and in front of the french Pain (first of the 450) and of the portuguese Helder Rodriguez. Francisco Lopez had problems during the Grand Prix, due to the blockage of a petrol attack at the right gas tank that forced him to go back to the bivoac and arrange it.

He gave his best during the second special stage, where he has been the faster. Leagues are still from the time being, because Paolo Ceci, today nineth, asked for the allowance of the time lost to help Zanotti. The international Jury will decide also about the penalty gave yesterday to Despres, Manca and Przygonski. The general league see Despres on the top with eleven advantage minutes on Luca Manca and 24 on Przygonski, while Ceci is fourth at 33 minutes.

Among the quads wonderful victory of Camelia Liparoti. Feeble, but with determination to sell, the italian-french preceded of five seconds the team mate Lionel Laine, that keep the top of the general league.

Keep going the fight among the cars, the QT Wildcat of Tonetti/Tonetti and Pelichet/Decré. The french/swiss crew recovered seven minutes on the italians on the first special test, while Roberto and Nicola Tonetti were faster during the second one. In the stage league Pelichet/Decré attained to recover totally five minutes and in general run now after 34 minutes. Thirth place today for De Lorenzo twins, always more operative in the round that move forward. 17 minutes their lead from the top, while at the fourth place concluded the other Visy/Bourquin<(/b> Wilcat.

The round have lost today one of the main character, the egyptian crew Abouyoussef/Mahamoud, that after the Gran Prix, took the way for Baharija on asphalt. Fifth stage place for the first egyptian crew, El Sirgany/Besancon, while Saudi Al Munha/Alsanat are sixth in front of El Erian/Ali Etam.

Tomorrow morning we will leave Baharija for the fifth stage that will bring us toward Sitra, 381 Kilometres with many dunes estimated.

2009/09/08 | 13:49 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Edoardo Bauer

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