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Pharaons Rally: Edition No 12 in cooperation with Transafricaine.

Edition number 12 of Pharaons Rally is getting closer, the unfailing and waited for fall appointment among Marathonrallys. The lively caravan of JVD International organization goes back to Egypt with hundreds of kilometres yet to discover. All passionates of Marathonrallys know that JVD waits as usual for them every October each year, in order to challenge the usual seven stages and cover three thousands kilometres while riding over lots of sand: A guarantee with no pause along the years. Pilots are concerned this year by never performed tracks, where to challenge each other for the whole week.

The latest years success rewarding the hard work and the continuous committment of Jacky Ickx, Daniele Cotto and Marco Bucci is the result not only of their grown organization skill, but also a balanced blend of tradition and innovation, of a precious balance among extreme adventure, safety and fun definitely well assured by Pharaons Rally.

A remarkable novelty deals with the 2009 edition: The new born partnership between JVD International and ZRC, the organizing company of the Transafricaine Classic. The Pharaons managers shake hands with Patrick Zaniroli, manager of the French trial race which will run in Egypt this year in conjunction with the Pharaons Rally. The "great sea of sand" will then host two caravans that will face individually its own challenge, and then meet each evening in the same bivouac. Two of the most important African events organizations join in sinergy with a common objective after their many achievements, increase together to some higher degree.

The 2009 challenge of Pharaons Rally has already started on January 10th, with the registrations opening, while in March the JVD scouts will fly to Egypt to design the new road book. The foreseen total kilometres are quite the same as last year, with minimal transfers as usual. The start is alawys in front of the Giza Pyramids, where the new "Pharaons" will come back after seven days of navigation to celebrate their triumph.

When the congested Cairo metropolis is left, the caravan will go as usual toward the Baharija Oasis, one of the Rally historical bivouacs. This year the compass will then turn definitely toward South, direction Dakhla Oasis, descending well three parallels on the Atlas. A new microcosm to be discovered on the Southern Oasis, dated to the Neolithic period, pearls appeared from the desert rich in ancient cave paintings, mud bricks buildings and dates palm groves flourishing in the arid Western Desert.

For more info on dates, track and registration at the Pharaons 2009, visit the official website [ ].

2009/02/27 | 17:06 CET | Editor: MR/HS/JVD

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