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Pharaons Rally: First infos about the 2008 Marathonrally in Egypt.

The Dakar cancellation puts the whole speciality into a crisis: Teams that are in trouble, pilots that don’t know what they can propose to the sponsors as alternative events, our world is looking itself in the mirror and it’s asking which will be the future. Someone talks about new rallies that are being studied by ASO, other rallies that are moving their dates, obliging pilots and teams to do choices that, at the end, will damage everyone. A discouraging situation, some other rallies are talking about their cancellation.

In this panorama the Pharaons International Cross Country Rally distinguishes itself for the certitudes that it is able to offer to the passionate. " The Pharaons is different", because:

The dates: As usual the Pharaons is between the end of September and the first week of October, after the summer pause there is the time for the last final touches to the vehicles before the embarkation to Egypt, from the other side the vehicles will be back two months before the Dakar (before its cancellation). The date is the first certitude, we are always there.

The place: Egypt is a magic country, with the desert and the sand most beautiful of the world, we are not the only one to say it, clear we love it, but all the ones that have had the lucky to take part in it confirm this opinion with enthusiasm. Sand, sand, and sand again! Pure amusement in a succeed of beautiful landscapes. The place is the second certitude, it will not disappoint you.

The track: As usual the Pharaons 2008 will have 7 stages, for a total of nearly 3000 kms, with minimum transfers (only 120 kms during the 2007 edition) and with start and arrival of the selective sections near the bivouacs. There will be many sections absolutely cross country and some stages will be as a "boucle", let the main rally group on the same bivouac for 2 stages, this will be very appreciated by the assistances. After all a 2008 innovation: there will be a "marathon" stage to put all at the same level, professional and private. The track, third certitude, unique in the African panorama.

The safety: Egypt is living a moment of big economic development that is envied by many European countries, the Egyptian tourist destinations are always "full booking" and it is preferred destination for the holiday of many families, also for an incomparable union of services and prices. The Pharaons is organized under the patronage of the Egyptian Tourism Ministry, in cooperation with many sections of the government that will assure the safety of the event and its regular unrolling. The safety, a fundamental certitude.

The last matter, actually very important: the fees of engagement will be the same of 2006! The last certitude, the budget is cheap to come with us. Which other event can give you all these certitudes? For more informations Visit the official Website at [ ] or contact Paul von Guggenberg via phone at +39 0471 345555 or via Email at [ paul(at) ].

2008/01/21 | 02:10 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Paul von Guggenberg

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