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Pharaons Rally: Participants preparing for 12th edition in Egypt.

The twelfth Pharaons Rally edition is at the flags of the start scheduled from October 3rd to 11th. Teams at the start will be all in all 140 and they face the seven stages of the Egyptian desert for almost three thousands kilometers in all. In this year 2009, the Pharaons rally has a media coverage without precedent.

Only two weeks to go for the start of Pharaons Rally 2009 keeping ongoing with no interruption since twelve years, this has become the referring point of the races in Africa, thanks to the increasingly careful work of the Italian organizer JVD International.

The Pharaons Rally makes it as the most requested event of the season of the Tout Terrain Rallies even in a year quite difficult for the world economy - to which the bike and car sectors are also subjected. The appeal of Egypt with its history, its huge deserts are the ingredients which also this year will call in front of the Giza Pyramids over 140 teams.

Thirty of these will face the new challenge proposed by JVD, the Pharaons Classic which is a peculiar formula prizing the pilots regularity and the most kilometers made by them along the seven stages of the rally. A formula which allows to run with cars of various types and which is due to grow quite a bit in the near future. Much movement also among the bikes, with the super-champion Cyril Despres who has confirmed his participation while trying in Egypt to conquer the absolute World Title.

The Pharaons 2009 route is already defined since sometimes, the road-books are printed, ready to guide pilots along three thousand kilometers in the Western Desert, over an ideal line which links the oasis of Baharija, Dahkla, Farafra and Sitra, places rich in history and traditions, where time takes a particular meaning, quite different from our frantic Western World.

The appointment is therefore the usual one: meeting point in front of the Giza Pyramids, from where the new adventure will start on October 4th, with the first of the seven stages which dip the pilots in the magic Egyptian desert.

One success is already given to JVD: The Pharaons 2009 is followed by a media coverage without precedents. The TV crew of 15 people is in fact going to produce a total of an hour of daily broadcast which are then spread out every day by Rai2, RaiSport, Sky Sport 24, Sky Sport 2, Italia 1, Nuvolari and Eurosport.

Obviously there is also the possibility to follow the Rally live with the Iritrack satellite system - showing in real time pilots position - as well as through the news which are updated every half an hour. Also will travel with the Rally and broadcast with many pictures and news daily.

The Stages of the 12. Edition

4/10 Cairo-Baharija: Km 410
5/10 Baharija-Dakhla: Km 433
6/10 Dakhla-Abu Mingar: Km 356
7/10 Abu Mingar-Baharija: Km 428
8/10 Baharija-Sitra: Km 381
9/10 Sitra-Baharija: Km 431
10/10 Baharija-Cairo: Km 395

2009/09/18 | 17:23 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Edoardo Bauer

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