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Pharaons Rally: Pelichet/Decré and Tonetti/Tonetti best in cars.

Cyril Despres doesn’t let fall the 12th Pharaons Rally victory, ended today at Giza’s Pyramids. The french champion precede a great Luca Manca, winner of the stage, while in the fight for the third position Paolo Ceci don’t recaptures polish Przygonski. Anyway Ceci is the winner of 450 before Rodriguez and Pain. With this victory Despres graduated absolute champion with an advance stage. Among the cars Pelichet/Decré don’t let fall the victory before Tonetti/Tonetti, hanged back because of many problems. Visy/Bourquin complete the podium monopolized by Wildcat. The today’s stage goes to the two driving-wheels of Abdelhamid Abouyoussef.

Go back to Cairo after a week passed in the wonderful western desert, being dipped in the caotic traffic and in the perpetual smog cloud that stagnate on the egyptian capital is the little price to pay to cut the finishing post of Pharaons Rally, but the show gave by giza’s Pyramids that are the background of the arrival arch is something priceless. A joy that Cyril Despres felt first, deserving winner of the JVD International twelfth edition race. Daniele Cotto and Marco Bucci welcomed at noon the motorbike’s winners, with Despres on the top followed by Luca Manca and Jakub Przygonski as squired.

Despres was missing the Pharaons victory on his immense palm: he didn’t came in Egypt since 2004, the year of the tragic death of Richard Sainct. His name can now been added to Coma, Meoni, Sainct and Roma. That’s why Despres victory has been even more important, more felt, but never certain. Above all after the first stage where he had a 14 minutes delay. Then he enforced all his talent, going up of two legs and then controlling the situation.

Luca Manca was really well preapared for this Pharaons : the sardinian pilot made a great round, always among the first with the icing on the cake of today . 6’40 detach from Depsres that teached him really a lot during this Rally. The fight for the third position, that was seeing the polish Jakub Przigonsky and Paolo Ceci detached of one minute at the eve, finished in favour of the young polish.

"Dragged" at the beginning from Despres, Jakub made a really fast stage, taking also some risks, but managing to let Ceci behind him. Helder Rodriguez and Oliver Pain follow Ceci both in the absolute and in the 450, while Fabrizio Mugnaioli concluded seventh preceding a crazy Francisco Lopez. The chilean sparkled for the all round, he wons two stage, and without the problems that keep him at a stand for two hours and a half during the third stage he will be certainly between the protagonists. Among the 13 quads the incredible Camelia Liparoti awarded the victory before the team mate Lionel Laine and the italian Giovanni Oliva.

Among the cars, today we haven’t had any fight between Pelichet/Decré and Tonetti/Tonetti. The two italians, father and son, remained blocked in a ditch. De Lorenzo twins first and by Michel Visy after helped them. They loose precious minutes paving the way to Pelichet. Seventh stage has been a catwalk for Mido Abouyoussef, the strong egyptian pilot that today won with two minutes on Pelichet. Third place for Aldo and Dario De Lorenzo, before Roberto and Nicola Tonetti.

12° Pharaons podium has been monopolized by Bowler Wilcat, the small english cars that amazed the Pharaons : Jerome Pelichet and Eugenie Decré, after two third place during the lasts Pharaons Rally can rejoice for the absolute victory got with sixteen advantage minutes on Tonetti.

Michel Visy and Philippe Bourquin complete the podium, even with a five hours detach. Absolute fourth the South African crew Al Muhna/Alsanad, before the bests between the egyptians, El Shami/Elhamawi. Twins De Lorenzo are sixth before El Erian/Ali Etman and "Mido" Abouyoussef/Mahamoud.

2009/10/28 | 17:18 CET | Editor: MR/HS/Edoardo Bauer

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